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Student Profile: Ruby Riethmuller

December 13, 2016

Ruby Riethmuller has had a big 2016. Between focusing on her studies, winning runner-up for Palladian Art and producing the DRAMSOC play, she has also secured an exciting internship helping to produce TV commercials over the summer break. We sat down to chat with Ruby about the year that was and her future at St Andrew’s College.


What Degree are you studying and where?
Studying a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications at UTS

What has been your favourite part about the St Andrew’s experience so far?
The camaraderie. There is such a lovely sense of community, which is built on respect.

Whats your greatest achievement to date?
An achievement that I’m probably most proud of would be my year 12 major work for visual arts. The whole process was something completely new to me, which meant it was a challenge, a really positive challenge. Working on the piece over a number of months, I quickly understood the need for commitment and passion and being able to identify issues and move forward from them. Seeing the work finished at the end was thrilling and being nominated for ArtExpress just topped it off. It is now displayed in the new boarding house at Ascham and that is a real privilege.

Your submission into this years’ Palladian Art, ‘Eye on the prize’ – where did your inspiration come from for this?
My inspiration for the work came from the brief ‘champagne’ and my love for horses. Growing up as a rider in Wagga Wagga, I am very fond of horses and I seem them to be a symbol of beauty and courage, which is the racing world leads to successes and what better way to celebrate success than with champagne.

Based on your interests and skills, in which areas of College life do you believe you’ll make the most significant contributions?
As a spirited but not so talented sports person, I can definitely say that contributing in the cultural aspects of college are more up my alley. Having produced this year’s DRAMSOC play, I look forward to my involvement in drama and the arts next year.

What would you like to see more of at St Andrew’s?
As a college renowned for its sporting achievements I feel that more of a focus needs to be placed on the cultural life of St Andrew’s. This year’s play and our many Palladian performances only further highlighted the immense talent of our college and this is something that needs to be fully supported by the student and staff bodies. In the year that I have been at the college, I have already seen great improvements and I have no doubt that the spirits will continue to be raised as the students pursue their cultural endeavours.

What advice would you give to prospective St Andrew’s applicants?
It’s important for prospective students to really consider what they want to do after school. I think that it is essential to be sure that the decision you are making is the right one and not just what the rest of the crowd is doing. College isn’t for everyone and that needs to be considered, although if you were to decide you would like to go to college, you can’t go past St Andrew’s. At St Andrew’s each student is given the chance to flourish as an individual, which is why it is important to be genuine when going through the application process.



Ruby’s Year 12 Major Work for Visual Arts – Nominated for ArtExpress

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