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The Palladian Cup & St Andrew’s College

January 20, 2017

Androvians have long been known for their extraordinary sporting achievements but in the last few years there have been some wonderful cultural highlights, particularly with our success in the Palladian Cup (1st place in 2015 and a close second in 2016.) Student Intern Hilary Shannon (Fr 2015) explores how the Palladian Cup brings the College together because “we don’t just score goals on a field – we also make magic on a stage!”

The Palladian Cup & St Andrew’s College

The Palladian cup, an intercollegiate cultural eisteddfod of sorts, is one that undoubtedly brings immense joy and spirit to the St Andrew’s unparalleled by any other competition. The cup dates back to the 1990s, and since then has become a major series of must-see events throughout the intercol calendar. The cup includes nine events: solo and group instrumental, solo and group drama, solo and group vocal, art, debating, oration, and dance.

The Palladian competition is special to Andrew’s as it allows us to appreciate the vast range of artistic talent we are lucky enough to house at College. From dancing to singing to reducing the crowd to tears in a dramatic feat, the means by which residents at Drew’s have the opportunity to express themselves artistically is made possible by Palladian. For many of those residents, performing is an interest complementary to elite sport or other endeavors, which makes watching such versatile individuals all the more enjoyable. Housing residents who can go from scoring goals on a field to making magic on a stage is one of the most special things about Drew’s.

In short, the Palladian cup brings the college together. There really is nothing like putting on a blue and white jersey and going to support comrades as they bring pride to the Andrew’s name.

  • Hilary Shannon.


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