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The Palladian Solo Drama 2016

May 6, 2016

On Tuesday night, laughter, tension, fear, and passion filled the room at Women’s College as talented actors from all colleges participated in the annual Palladian Solo Drama competition. With each performer delivering six minutes of pure entertainment, the stakes were high and the crowd was on the edge of their seats.

St Andrew’s fresher, Victoria Boult, and sophomore, Nick Jackman, gave an outstanding show that made you laugh, cry, and shake in your Drew’s jerseys all at once. Victoria recreated a moving piece called ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ by Tennesse Williams, which, through interpretation, challenged the audience to think more deeply about issues concerning race in today’s society. Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of Victoria’s show was her range in loudness, delivering some lines delicately and others in a way that made the audience shiver. Well done Victoria.

On the other hand, Nick delivered a hilarious self-composed piece entitled ‘Thank You for Calling,’ in which he rapidly transitioned between playing a distressed Indian call centre operator and the various colourful clients whom he tries to assist. It was certainly a performance that made you think twice about who you might be speaking to when you call Telstra!

Recognition must go to first place winner Charlie Meller from Wesley who performed a piece entitled ‘Father Donelly’s Marriage Retreat’ adapted from The Marriage of Bette and Boo by Christopher Durang. Meller brought the audience into the deep, underlying thoughts of a cynical, worn out minister in a comical and clever way. Charlie was followed closely by second place winner Francesca Earp from Sancta, performing ‘About A Girl’ adapted from a script by Julie Rutterford. Finally, third place was awarded to Paul’s boy, Barney Arhibald, who put on a hilarious, high-energy, self-composed show called ‘Princess.’

Tuesday night showed us yet another example of the cultural talent found throughout the intercollege community. Well done to Nick and Victoria for bringing the talent from Drew’s.

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