Wellbeing at St Andrew's

At St Andrew’s, we care about your wellbeing. From peer support to professional support, we are here to support you. We take a holistic approach to wellbeing, acknowledging that so many factors contribute to our student’s wellbeing – provision of meals, quality of rooms, our facilities, and social opportunities in the Junior Common Room, Senior Common Room, and Intercollegiate Activities.

Pastoral Care Leaders

The Pastoral Care Leaders’ (PCLs) role is a student leadership position appointed by the College. PCLs are older students who provide peer support, which is highly valued in our collegiate environment. All PCLs are responsible for providing day-to-day wellbeing peer support to the student community, particularly in the form of referrals for professional support, College support, and university/external resources. Additionally, PCLs are required to complete specific wellbeing and community-building initiatives as determined by their appointed officer or portfolio role.


The College offers confidential counselling sessions through our professionally trained and qualified in-house Counsellor as well as guidance and support for accessing external services.

Wellbeing Workshops & Check-Ins

Throughout the year, the College offers in-house workshops and partners with external organisations to provide students with fun and educational sessions. Additionally, the College offers check-in opportunities for all students throughout the year as a way to reflect on and address any current or emerging wellbeing issue


The College offers themed Chapel services and chaplaincy support for any students who wish to access it.

No Wrong Door

The College recognises that we are all unique. Hence, we encourage students to reach out for support in the way that feels best for them. There is never a wrong door at St Andrew’s.


If you, or someone you know at College needs wellbeing support please fill out this form.