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Annie Miller (Fr 2018)

What are you studying, and at which university?

Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Where are you from?

I was born and grew up in Orange until I was 16 before moving to Sydney to finish school in year 11 and 12.

What made you choose St Andrew’s College? Do you have any previous connections to the College?

Whilst I have had familial connections to Drew’s, being my 2 older cousins and uncle, I chose to come to the College for the unique experience it offers. No where in the world could I have found the friendship, culture and competitiveness that I know and love about Drew’s. Aside from the outstanding academic support and sporting opportunities at Drew’s, it’s the life-long friendships made at College that really caught my eye and why I longed to be part of the Drew’s experience.

What have been the highlights of your time at College so far?

My involvement in sport at Drew’s has certainly been a highlight of my College experience. To name one, this year’s Rosebowl netball final where St Andrew’s won a nail-biting grand final 32-31. The support and camaraderie that comes from being part of a Drew’s Rosebowl team is unparalleled and something I wish to instill in everyone involved in the Rosebowl campaign in my role as the Rosebowl Secretary. Another highlight of my unique College experience is my involvement in the Sony Foundation Children’s Camp in November of 2018. This week was one of the most enjoyable and distinctive weeks of my life and I am so grateful that Drew’s gave me the opportunity to give back and provide happiness for the children involved.

What does being a SACAS Scholarship recipient mean to you? And how will this scholarship help you this year?

I am so thankful to be a recipient of the SACAS scholarship and truly humbled by the Alumni Society’s generosity. Your benefaction has allowed me to continue to strive for academic excellence and flourish in my netball without constant financial pressure. By focusing less on work, the scholarship has also allowed me to give extra time and effort into my Rosebowl Secretary role, ensuring all girls involved in the campaign are having fun and giving their best. Thank you again.