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Cara Skirrow (Fr 2018)

What are you studying, and at which university?

I am in my third year studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology and Biology at The University of Sydney.

Where are you from?

I am from Sydney, but was born in England and come from an English family.

What made you choose St Andrew’s College? Do you have any previous connections to the College?

I do not have any previous connections to St Andrew’s, however I was eager to apply during year 12 and was lucky enough to receive a place in the small cohort of 2019. Not knowing much about colleges at Sydney University, I was simply drawn to St Andrew’s College after some research into the opportunities and facilities it provides its residents. My interest was consolidated after my interview and tour of the grounds. St Andrew’s has only exceeded these expectations as I have been able to immerse myself in the opportunities and facilities as well as meeting new people who are now a significant part of my life.

What have been the highlights of your time at College so far?

I can name numerous highlights of my College experience, such as placing second in the Palladian Dance Competition whilst being the Dance Secretary in 2020 and being elected as the Honorary Secretary of the Student’s Club. However, my main highlight of College was being a part of the St Andrew’s College Children’s Sony Camp at the end of my first year in 2019. Being involved in the camp and having the privilege to be a part of such as great cause gave me the opportunity to establish a great friendship with my camper, Hannah, and help her have fun and try new activities during her time on the camp, such as sailing and meeting animals at a petting zoo. Lastly, this was my highlight as Hannah’s family was so appreciative that she could be a part of the camp and how much the camp has helped her build her confidence and was a delight to be her companion. I am so thankful that St Andrew’s is involved in a great cause like this and has allowed me to be a part of the experience.

What does being a SACAS Scholarship recipient mean to you? And how will this scholarship help you this year?

I am grateful to be a scholarship recipient of the SACAC scholarship as it means financial ease that allows me to immerse myself into College opportunities further. Being a part of the Student’s Club executive takes up a significant amount of my time and efforts and I have decided to take a step back from working during the semesters so I can have a better balance between university, work and the role of Secretary. With the financial aid I have received through this scholarship I have decided to apply for the Certificate of Cross-Disciplinary Problem-Solving Course over the winter break. If I am chosen to be a part of the course, then the money I received through the scholarship will go towards funding this. So I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the Alumni Society for the SACAS scholarship as it has opened up doors of opportunity for me and I am very grateful for your assistance.