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Drew’s News Editor – Maya Smith

Drew’s News is the St Andrew’s College student blog, a place for Androvians to express themselves, share perspectives and gain inspiration. With stories ranging from personal essays and creative works to cultural reviews and societal criticism, it is a platform to stimulate healthy discussions and to discover new ideas. This year, Drew’s News debuted a new organisational structure, introducing several editors amongst the breadth of writers coming and going through our hallowed halls.

Meet Maya Smith (Fr 2022), one of the Drew’s News Editors. Maya grew up on a property about 20 minutes outside of Yass, NSW. She attended Daramalan College in Canberra from before settling at St Andrew’s, and she is now studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney.

What made you choose St Andrew’s?

The values and opportunities of College were what inspired me to apply to St Andrew’s. Making the move to Sydney was daunting at first but I was really drawn to the balance of social and academic interests that College has, whether in academic tutorials, networking, sport, creative arts, or everyday interactions with other students. The emphasis that is placed on encouraging community leadership was another attribute that really stood out to me and made St Andrew’s a place I was really motivated to be a part of.

What drew you to the role of a Drew’s News Editor?

I was really keen to become involved in Drew’s life as much as I could, and the role of Drew’s News Editor was immediately appealing as it involved a combination of my passions that I was eager to develop. While I have always enjoyed writing and have been passionate about discussing social issues, I was really excited to collaborate with other students and push myself outside of my comfort zone.

What have you learnt by being a Drew’s News Editor?

Teamwork has been an aspect of Drew’s News that I have loved from the very beginning stages when first meeting the other editors. Coming into College I was ready to learn as much as I could and being a part of Drew’s News, I have been incredibly fortunate to work alongside other talented editors while also collaborating with other students. This collaboration has been a pivotal area where I have been both pushed outside of my comfort zone and begun to develop individual writing skills and knowledge.

What have you learnt by being an editor for Drew’s News?

I have really valued being able to learn and continue to improve my writing style, format, and the process of idea production from the knowledge of the head editor, Kiran. Entering a new and unfamiliar area of writing was nerve-racking at first but the trust and support of my ideas has nurtured my personal progression both as an editor and a writer.

How has St Andrew’s helped you toward achieving your goals?

I have been really fortunate that St Andrews has allowed me to make the move to Sydney where I have always dreamed of studying. Access to academic and networking events is also a rare opportunity that has already enriched my study. While these practical elements of college life have been really important, I have found that the atmosphere at college is what drives each and every student to go above and beyond their potential. Having only completed a semester of University I know there is a long path ahead, but I feel confident that St Andrews has had a really beneficial impact on my academic pathway and my wider drive to continue to be involved in positive community change.

What’s the best thing about College?

With a good portion of University continuing to be conducted remotely, I have really valued making meaningful connections and having opportunities to socialise with students at college with a diverse range of interests and passions.

Do you have advice for anyone considering applying to St Andrew’s?

I would really encourage anyone who is considering applying to take on this opportunity. There is truly something for everybody here and you will be submerged in an environment that nourishes growth. I would especially recommend college for anyone looking to move to Sydney as it can be a daunting change, but I have found that there is the perfect balance between meeting and creating bonds with other like-minded students while progressing individual strengths in sport, creative arts, or academics.

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