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Drew’s News Editor – Stirling Taylor

Drew’s News is the St Andrew’s College student blog, a place for Androvians to express themselves, share perspectives and gain inspiration. With stories ranging from personal essays and creative works to cultural reviews and societal criticism, it is a platform to stimulate healthy discussions and to discover new ideas. This year, Drew’s News debuted a new organisational structure, introducing several editors amongst the breadth of writers coming and going through our hallowed halls.

Meet Stirling Taylor (Fr 2020), one of the Drew’s News Editors. Stirling grew up on a sheep, cropping and hay property outside of Greenethorpe, four and a half hours south west of Sydney. He boarded at Kinross Wolaroi School in Orange before settling at St Andrew’s, and he is now studying a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at the University of Technology Sydney.

What made you choose St Andrew’s?

I first heard about St Andrew’s at the Kinross University expo in Year 12. Alice Litchfield (Fr 2019) was representing Andrew’s and we students obviously knew her from school. She spoke so highly of the friendships and experiences at College, and was so easy to talk to about moving to Sydney and starting university.

Pending my application and interview, I was keen from first impressions. After speaking with Will Cesta on the phone and hearing about all of the communities within St Andrew’s, I was so eager to start a life outside of school, with new people from all walks of life.

What drew you to the role of a Drew’s News Editor?

I’ve found throughout my few years at St Andrew’s that people genuinely want to talk about their opinions and feelings towards events and news happening around the world. This was something that wasn’t overly endorsed at school – where students didn’t want to put their hand up to answer questions or share thoughts due to an oddly negative stigma that went with being the first to open a discussion.

At Drew’s, so many people want to discuss differing perspectives and listen to the beliefs of others, and as I am currently undertaking a degree in Journalism, I thought what better way to be involved than to help facilitate the stories we are all so passionate about.

I really enjoy writing about sport and news, so the editor role has provided me with a great foot in the door, helping to craft my abilities while assisting others who have chosen a similar path, and hopefully pointing them in the right direction.

What is your favourite part of being a Drew’s News Editor?

Listening to the opinions and stories of fellow students. Being in Sydney, surrounded by people from across the world, it’s been great to hear their takes on current affairs and the situation of Australian politics along with sport. The role also allows me to write and edit pieces I normally wouldn’t do myself – so its expanding my skills and understanding on many niche topics.

The location of Andrew’s in Newtown has also been a great challenge for me to overcome. Sydney’s inner west was an area I knew nothing about and to be completely honest – a community in which I am the minority. My beliefs and outlook on life has certainly changed for the better after living in an overwhelming setting that was uncomfortable to begin with.

St Andrew’s has also given me a confidence to grow my connections and actually set future goals for myself that I once thought were unattainable.

What have you learnt by being an editor for Drew’s News?

The irony in letting someone such as myself help edit the work of some of the smartest young people I’ve ever met. The stories and intellect, as well as vocabulary presented by many at College is insane – academic writing is not easy.

What other extra-curricular activities have you taken part in at College?

Commentary for Drew’s sport, We Need to Talk, Pre-Tertiary Mentoring program, Drew’s Rugby League team, Alumni Golf Day Sec.

How has St Andrew’s helped you toward achieving your goals?

St Andrew’s has provided me with the opportunity to live in Sydney around like-minded uni students who are invested in having fun, knowing when to switch on and off, and wanting to succeed through their degree – not waiting until a grad role.

What’s the best thing about College?

Having a great mix of going out with mates, studying, travelling and living with friends who know when to have fun.

Do you have advice for anyone considering applying to St Andrew’s?

Regardless of how you interpret college, it is 100% worth putting your hat in the ring for applications. Coming out of school it can be easy to slowly fall out of friendships and routine – St Andrews provides a community for you to do what you like while studying. There is always someone else who is in the same boat as you. Knuckling down and getting out of your comfort zone for a few weeks is the best thing you can do to learn more about yourself. Make friends with people you wouldn’t normally, go to events you generally wouldn’t find too interesting, and have fun in doing activities your friends are passionate about.

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