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Hannah Westhuizen, Honorary Treasurer 2022

“Drew’s has instilled in me to always set the bar high and to always give my best.”

Meet Hannah Westhuizen (Fr 2020), better known as ‘Westie’, the new Honorary Treasurer of the 2022 House Committee. Hannah, whose family is from South Africa, was born and raised in Australia, although she also lived in San Francisco and London while growing up. Hannah attended Pymble Ladies’ College and is currently studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting and Finance at UTS.

What are you most looking forward to in 2022 at college?

There will be events next year that Freshers, 2nd years and us 3rd years all experience for the first time together! While this brings planning and organisational challenges, it will bring such a great energy and excitement to the College.  Additionally, I’m looking forward to playing a part in making next year an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone here at Drew’s.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role?

At the beginning of the year every student contributes money into the Students’ Club.  I want to ensure that every single member of the Students’ Club feels they have received this value back by the end of the year.

There are two main ways I plan to achieve this.  Firstly, I plan to bring equity and fairness to the fund distribution by seeking opinions and input from a diverse group of students.  Secondly, I plan to be transparent about the choices I make through frequent communication and reporting back to the student body.

As a member of the House Committee and Executive team, I also plan to play my part with our overall plan to restore traditions that have been lost due to COVID-19 as well as having a focus on equality within the Drew’s Community and providing everyone with a great year!

Do you think the celebration of 20 Years of Undergraduate Women at St Andrew’s will affect your leadership?

This significant time in St Andrew’s history is a time to recognise and acknowledge how forward-thinking and inclusive our College is. It is also a special time to celebrate all that both women and men have achieved over the years and how we at Drew’s all see each other as equals regardless of our gender.  In the upcoming year I’ll ensure that I allocate funds to all aspects of College to celebrate the diversity, inclusiveness and equality we all value and enjoy at Drew’s.

What made you choose St Andrew’s?

Having spent my first year out of school working in a small country town in England, I was ready to be back closer to home, but not at home! My year away also showed me how much I enjoyed being part of a smaller community.  St Andrew’s, I felt offered this smaller community whilst still being part of the bigger university environment. The best of both worlds! I had also heard that Drew’s was filled with incredibly talented and diverse people, and I wanted to challenge myself by being surrounded with, and learning from, these types of people. I also loved participating in sport at school and wanted to continue having the opportunity to train and compete again in a fun environment.

What extra-curricular activities have you taken part in at College?

I’ve tried to get involved in as much as possible at Drew’s – with the highlight so far being Palladian Dance! I’ve also been in the Rowing Mixi crew both years, I tutor some commerce subjects and put my hand up to be a part of things where I can. I was a Pastoral Care Leader this year and a volunteer on the Sony Children’s Camp.  I was also a participant on the inaugural Certificate of Cross Disciplinary Problem Solving.

How has St Andrew’s helped you to achieve your goals?

Being surrounded by such high achieving people is infectious! I’ve found it so motivating (particularly given the challenges we’ve all been thrown in the past two years) to be around such highly driven and positive people.  We all set high standards for ourselves and encourage one another to achieve our goals – whether they be academic, sporting, cultural or community-based. Drew’s has instilled in me to always set the bar high and to always give my best.

What’s the best thing about College?

The day-to-day life is what tops college for me.  Whether it be a training session for an inter-college sporting/cultural event, chatting in the dining hall and corridors or walking up to Café Felix.  These times are when the best laughs are had, and friendships are truly established.  But this wouldn’t be possible without the type of people at Drew’s. There aren’t many other places where everyone is so friendly, hardworking, and genuine.  It’s also so inspiring to see what Drew’s students (both past and present) are achieving and how humble they remain at the same time.

Do you have advice for 2022 Freshers?

Get out of your comfort zone.  You’ve got one to three years to make the most of the opportunity presented to you.  Try new things, meet new people, embrace the day-to-day college life, and give everything a good crack.