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Laura Roderick in Green and Gold

Meet Laura Roderick (Fr 2022). She is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney, majoring in French and International Business. Currently Laura is “enjoying Uni very much!”

Laura does more than just study though – she has been selected for the Australian U20 team for the World Juniors Athletics championship in the 5000m! This competition is in Cali, Colombia later this year and she is currently raising funds in order to participate.

Read more about this talented student, what it means to be selected for the Australian team and her background in athletics below.

First of all, tell us about your GoFundme campaign

I have started a GoFundMe page for my upcoming competition in Cali, Colombia later this year. I have qualified and been selected for the Australian U20 team for the World Juniors. It is such an honour to represent my country and means so much to me.

This trip is, unfortunately, self-funded. It will cost me $6,000 which includes flights and accommodation to the medical screening and training camp in the Gold Coast in May, the pre-competition camp in Miami where we will acclimatise in July, and the main competition in Colombia in August. Any extra money will go towards uniform costs, food and medical insurance.

I would greatly appreciate any contributions, no matter the amount, towards these costs, as it is such a fantastic experience that I have been selected for. The support of the Drew’s community, in all sorts of ways, means so much to me! 

You can support Laura here:

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Paddington with my mum and dad. I am an only child, so it has always been just the three of us and our dog. I was very lucky to grow up in an area close to everything I needed. I train in Centennial Park, which is only a short walk from my house, and the ES Marks athletics track, which is a very short drive. My training group often does long runs on Sundays along the coast or through the city as well, which is useful in breaking up the usual routine.

How long have you been participating in athletics?

I have been involved in athletics from a very early age. My dad was a good runner, so he wanted me to participate in the sport as soon as I could. He would take me for runs around Centennial Park when I was around 8 or 9 years old, but I absolutely hated it! I was one of those kids who would hyperventilate so we could stop early, so he worked out pretty quickly that I needed a social environment where running would be enjoyable. I joined a local Little Athletics Club with a friend where the focus wasn’t solely on running, but on a range of disciplines such as discus and hurdles. I began doing well at school cross country and athletics carnivals, and quickly progressed through the levels. 

In high school, I got a coach in Year 10 and started to train properly after being approached at an athletics carnival. I was told that I had natural talent but could really succeed with some proper guidance. I decided to join the running group and made some great friends in the community, as well as learning how to train and what sessions suited me. I have been with my coach for almost three years now, and have had some amazing opportunities such as travelling interstate to race and now being on an Australian team. I genuinely love running, it can be a great social activity, incredibly scenic and peaceful, and also an opportunity to stay fit and healthy.

Do you have the opportunity to develop your athletics skills at St Andrew’s?

St Andrew’s has such an evident standard for high achievement, and this has definitely contributed to developing my skills as an athlete. The Taylor Gym is one way I have been able to improve my athletic ability, particularly through strength work or treadmill running when it’s raining. The encouragement and support from my fellow freshmen and other members of the college has really motivated me to succeed not only in athletics, but also academically. I am particularly excited for the Intercollegiate Athletics carnival in Semester 2.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about applying to St Andrew’s?

My advice would be to definitely apply for St Andrew’s. College has been the best place for me, and I think Andrew’s has an amazing culture. College is such a great opportunity to meet new people, try new things and also feel valued and supported by a group. The pastoral and academic team really work to take care of every individual student, and there are so many great social, sporting and professional events to attend. 

If anyone is considering applying, I would advise them to cover a broad range of interests and qualities in their application. Being involved in as much as possible will give you more opportunities to be considered for St Andrew’s, as it is highly competitive to get accepted.