St Andrew’s College has a range of ensembles that are supervised by the Director of Music and/or the Artist in Residence. They include:

  • Chamber Choir
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • String Quartet
  • String Quartet
  • Jazz Band

These ensembles rehearse frequently and perform at events such as Gala Concerts, SCR Music Evenings, and so on.

College Record Label

St Andrew’s College has world-class performance venues and equipment that can be used to make recordings. In 2020, the College is launching its own record label and online music channels that will feature former and current student musicians.

Artistic Mentoring Program

One of the musical programs offered by St Andrew’s College is the Artist Mentoring Program, which is is designed to help performers and composers think about their craft deeply.

Performance Workshops

Performance workshops are short sessions in which College musicians play excerpts for each other and provide constructive musical feedback.