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Pastoral Care Leader – Archie Stacy

Pastoral Care Leaders (PCLs) at St Andrew’s are students, second year or older, who undertake additional training to provide emotional support to their fellow students through their time in College. As transitioning into university life is challenging for some, the support offered can be invaluable.

Meet Archie Stacy (Fr 2021), one of our PCLs. Born in Brisbane, at age five he moved to a cattle farm in Armidale and has lived there ever since – “I love going back home to see Armidale and my family”. Archie attended the King’s School as a boarder from Year 7 before settling at St Andrew’s, and he is now studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney.

What made you choose St Andrew’s?

I have two older brothers who attended St Andrew’s before me, and both highly recommended I apply. They both had made so many new friends, particularly from outside of Sydney and Australia. After hearing how St Andrew’s excels in the arts and sports whilst providing plenty of academic support, I realised it was a community I wanted to be a part of.

What drew you to the role of a Pastoral Care Leader?

I’m so grateful I was able to receive pastoral care from some of the PCL leaders during my first year and appreciated the nurturing support they provided me. The PCL team often work behind the scenes at College, going unnoticed, but they act as a backbone to much of the well-being and functioning of student life. This role offers individuals a team that works to impact the lives of those around them positively, and I wanted to ensure that future residents have as equally an incredible College experience as I’ve had.

What have you learnt by being a PCL?

College is an incredible place packed with fun events and unforgettable experiences. However, living with hundreds of friends away from home can take its toll and become overwhelming at times. In my time as a PCL, I’ve learned that adversity and stress can be easily alleviated if someone takes the time to listen and simply talk things through. Taking time out of your day to just sit and listen to a friend in need is a powerful and rewarding experience.

What other extra-curricular activities have you taken part in at College?

I have tried to throw myself into everything I can whilst at College, including Rawson Rowing, Rugby League, Palladian Instrumental Ensemble, Palladian Dance, Food Secretary, Jazz Band Secretary, B-Lane Secretary, the Bar Team, as well as participating as a mentor, PCL and Pre-Tertiary Mentor.

How has St Andrew’s helped you toward achieving your goals?

St Andrew’s provides a network of talented tutors, workshops, group activities, and facilities focused on delivering an enhanced learning environment that encourages us to excel in our studies and extra-curricular activities. For example, St Andrews has provided many of my subjects with personal Sydney University tutors, a resource that has been extremely beneficial to my studies.

What’s the best thing about College?

Becoming friends with such an array of new people, whether that’s fellow country students or international residents, is undoubtedly the best part. Being surrounded by like-minded, driven, talented peers continually encourages you to strive and be your best. The PCL team has helped me meet friends that I may not have had the chance to, and it’s been hugely rewarding this year to help facilitate many of the freshers to experience that same friendship building experience.

Do you have advice for anyone considering applying to St Andrew’s?

Although St Andrew’s looks for talented individuals who demonstrate excellence, I recommend focusing on what you would like to achieve once you are an Androvian. Drew’s lets you try out for an enormous number of activities, and regardless of what you may have done in school, if you’re enthusiastic and daring to try something new, St Andrew’s is definitely the place for you.