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Pastoral Care Leader – Hannah Hartnell

Pastoral Care Leaders (PCLs) at St Andrew’s are students, second year or older, who undertake additional training to provide emotional support to their fellow students through their time in College. As transitioning into university life is challenging for some, the support offered can be invaluable.

Meet Hannah Hartnell (Fr 2021), one of our PCLs. Born in Bowral, she attended Frensham High School in Mittagong before settling at St Andrew’s. Hannah is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Sydney.

What made you choose St Andrew’s?

My dad went to Andrew’s which lead me to being engaged with the great culture and traditions St Andrew’s has to offer.

What drew you to the role of a Pastoral Care Leader?

Last year I was able to witness firsthand the affect that a PCL had on my friend and the enormous amount of supportive and positive change they provided. From this experience, I became inspired to hopefully provide that same amount of support to other students and create a positive change.

What have you learnt by being a PCL?

The main thing I have learnt about being PCL is that a lot of people go through very similar tough situations or feelings within the College experience but feel like they are the only ones that are feeling like this. A positive aspect to the PCL role is that they provide that support and comfort that they aren’t the only ones feeling this way.

What other extra-curricular activities have you taken part in at College?

This year I have participated in numerous extra-curricular activities College has to offer including being a member of the diving team and the jazz band. I have also been able to work on the Highland Ball committee and am excited about further being involved in the Formal and Oktoberfest committee later in the year. I am also an organiser of ‘Walk and Talk’ which is an initiative to get all students outside, give them the opportunity to mix between years and for the freshman to get to know their surrounds of their new home.

How has St Andrew’s helped you toward achieving your goals?

St Andrew’s has strongly influenced my academic goals. Through the academic tutoring program and my highly academic peers, I have been able to strive for higher university marks and given me a drive to understand more within my studies of engineering. St Andrew’s has also given me the opportunity to create more goals, including becoming a strong community member and continually trying out for sports and activities I never would have tried before.

What’s the best thing about College?

That every talent, passion and interest is not only accepted but it is celebrated. The high school stigma of what is ‘cool’ is totally removed and every member of College supports each other in everyone’s achievements and goals.

Do you have advice for anyone considering applying to St Andrew’s?

When applying, don’t be shy to put all your various talents and passions on your application, as the St Andrew’s community supports diversity, admires the ability to be an all-rounder and ultimately loves a person that is able continuously support their peers.