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Pastoral Care Leader – Netra Hankins

Pastoral Care Leaders (PCLs) at St Andrew’s are students, second year or older, who undertake additional training to provide emotional support to their fellow students through their time in College. As transitioning into university life is challenging for some, the support offered can be invaluable.

Meet Netra Hankins (Fr 2020), one of our PCLs. Born in San Francisco and growing up in Hong Kong, she attended South Island School before settling at St Andrew’s. Netra is currently studying Commerce/Law at the University of Sydney.

What made you choose St Andrew’s?

Leaving Hong Kong also meant leaving my friends and family. I didn’t know anyone in Sydney before moving so I was looking for somewhere to live that had a great community, opportunities to meet incredible people, and clubs/teams that I could be a part of. St Andrew’s ticked all of the boxes!

What drew you to the role of a Pastoral Care Leader?

In my second year at college I realised how valuable the PCL’s are to college culture and student wellbeing. I wanted to be able to do the same for my peers and give back to my community.

What have you learnt by being a PCL?

I’ve learnt that it is easy to feel alone with the way that you’re feeling but if you’re brave enough, people who care and want to help are always there for you!

What other extra-curricular activities have you taken part in at College?

Basketball, Netball, Drew’s News.

How has St Andrew’s helped you toward achieving your goals?

St Andrew’s has given me a community of caring and incredible peers who I can turn to for support for pretty much all aspects of life.

What’s the best thing about College?

The people.

Do you have advice for anyone considering applying to St Andrew’s?

If you’re passionate about something, St Andrew’s is the place for you. Whether that is a sport, a certain subject or you have a vision of something you want to create, the people here will both celebrate that passion and support you to the fullest.