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Sai Subhanu Abbaraju (Fr 2019)

What are you studying, and at which university? 

Bachelor of Economics (Honours) and Bachelor of Advanced Studies – Third Year, The University of Sydney

Where are you from? 

Armidale, NSW

What made you choose St Andrew’s College? Do you have any previous connections to the College?

I am a rural student, hailing from Armidale NSW, and chose to attend the University of Sydney for the opportunities it would provide me. No one in my family had lived at a residential college before, but I had heard that St Andrew’s College has a reputation of excellence and success among the Sydney University Colleges, and so chose to apply here. I needed an environment where I was surrounded by intelligent, career-minded people to push me to work even harder and develop my soft skills. St Andrew’s has delivered on this promise, and I owe much of who I am today to my 2 years so far at Drew’s.

What have been the highlights of your time at College so far?

I have had so many incredible experiences during my three years at Drew’s. One of the highlights has been the privilege of being elected to House Committee by my peers, and serving as the 2021 Social Secretary to the Students Club. My role entails being responsible for all of the social events at College including the St Andrew’s Formal, Highlander Bar events and a litany of other informal social events throughout the year. Additionally, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the College’s Pastoral Care team for the last two years. It’s allowed me to be an active member of the College community and foster the kind of inclusive and supportive environment that attracted me to Drew’s in the first place. In previous years, I’ve also had the opportunity to get involved in the annual DramSoc Production as the stage manager, and as the secretary of the Community Service Sub-Committee where I worked with local charities such as the Newtown Mission.

What does being a SACAS Scholarship recipient mean to you? And how will this scholarship help you this year?

Being awarded this scholarship demonstrates a massive vote of confidence from the College in my abilities and contributions to College life. I’m humbled by this and grateful for the additional financial support that comes with it. As a rural student from a middle-class family, my generous scholarship goes a long way towards helping my parents pay for College and ensuring my continued access to Drew’s and all the opportunities that come with living here. The considerable amount of money puts me in a position of privilege, in that I now have no need to work part-time to support myself. I can instead focus more fully on my academics, my duties as a member of House Committee, and my role as Pastoral Care Leader. I’m thankful for all this scholarship has allowed me to do and hopefully continue to do at Drew’s.