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Scott Jones (Fr 2004)

Alumnus Scott Jones majored in Chemistry and Physics at the University of Sydney and completed with an Honours in Chemistry in 2007. After briefly contributing to an Astrophysics paper concerning the star forming regions of the Milky Way Galaxy, he has spent 5 years as a researcher in Supramolecular and Electro-chemistry. Scott is currently in his second year of a Masters of Teaching, specialising in Chemistry and Physics for high school students. He recently returned to St Andrew’s College as a non-residential Teaching Fellow.

I chose Andrew’s because
Initially, I chose St Andrew’s College for its strong academic and sporting mentality. For three wonderful years, I lived in close proximity to like-minded people and was able to discuss philosophy and science at all hours of the day. I played tennis and basketball before and after formal dinners and was never short of someone interesting to visit.

My fondest memory of College is… Waking up every morning and knowing that everything I wanted – friends, sports, conversations, parties, relationships and training for my future – were all located at the same address.

I am passionate about… Teaching. Sharing information about the world around us that so many people in history have worked hard to discover is an enjoyable experience. Teaching people how to confidently use this information themselves is even more exciting.

Success to me is
Enabling yourself to experience what the world has to offer and proudly taking your chosen place in it.

My goal as a non-residential Teaching Fellow is to… Empower the students of St Andrew’s College to develop the skills, both academic and personal, that they need to achieve their ambitions.