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Ewan Jackman, Senior Student 2024

Ewan Jackman

Meet Ewan Jackman (Fr 2022), who was recently elected as the 2024 St Andrew’s Senior Student. The senior student oversees all aspects of college life, acting as the CEO of the Students’ Club as well as representing the students at the College Council and other committees.

Ewan grew up in Hunter’s Hill in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, and went to Shore School. Going into his third year at St Andrew’s, Ewan is studying a combined Bachelor of Business as well as Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS.

Ewan hopes to continue the great work of many generations of student leaders by working with the many different committees at College, he wants to ensure that every student feels at home with a sense of belonging, support and community. When asked about what he hopes to achieve, Ewan said “There’s still lots more that can be done to make this place even more special and an even better place for our students to live, study, grow and learn”.

Over the last 2 years he has been at College, Ewan has tried to throw himself into as many activities as possible. Having a deep passion for the creative arts, he has contributed to Palladian competitions and the annual DRAMSOC play, most recently directing ‘Move Over Mrs Markham’. Ewan is also invested in Drew’s rich sporting culture, however, he says he has proven to be a better spectator than a competitor and mainly fills the social roles in the Rawson teams. On top of all this, Ewan was one of our editors for Drew’s News, our student-run blog.

A severe extrovert, Ewan says the best thing about College is the social life. He has met new friends from many different backgrounds during his time at College, which bring daily joy but also constitute a secure support network. Alongside this, Ewan also appreciates St Andrew’s fantastic tutoring program and academic support on offer. He says it has helped him reach his academic goals as well as given him resources to balance both his university and social life. College provides Ewan opportunities to build on his strengths as well as venture out of his comfort zone and improve some of his weaknesses.

When asked if he has any advice for Freshers coming into Drew’s next year, Ewan said “College can be daunting at first with so many new faces, new routines, new university courses and much more. I would advise new freshers to not be afraid to reach out if it all becomes overwhelming. I would also recommend to approach college and the post-school phase as a clean slate. Whilst we are bound to make mistakes as young adults, college is a great place to learn and grow into the adults we want to be”.

Ewan is most looking forward to meeting all of the new freshers next year and continuing to build on the amazing friendships he has made at college already. We wish him the best of luck as Senior Student for 2024.

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