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Introducing our New Academic Heads

At St Andrew’s, a team of dedicated Academic Heads work together to provide mentoring and educational support for all of our current students. All of these tutors are from highly regarded backgrounds, and are focusing on how to best support students studying within their respective fields. We asked our newly appointed Academic Heads a few questions.


Dr Reyne Pullen – Head of Science and Mathematics

Reyne has completed his Bachelor of Science (Honours, Second Upper Class) (Chemistry and Mathematics) from the University of Tasmania (UTAS), Graduate Diploma of Education (Senior Years) and PhD (Chemistry Education) UTAS.

Tell us something about yourself

I’m a serial hobbyist and love to pick up new skills. Lately, I’ve taken up Spanish and musical theory. I’m also interested in practising swimming and trying Iron Man Lite events to challenge myself.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?

Part of the reason I was interested in this role was to have a more active role in supporting students through pastoral care. As much as I love teaching a class of hundreds, there’s something special about getting to know your students and finding ways to make the most of their time here.

Do you have any advice for young Androvians?

Don’t let setbacks get you down! One thing you’ll learn as you get further into your studies is that failure is really just a step towards success in disguise. Take the lesson and think deeply about what you can change for the next attempt. This means thinking about what resources you have on hand – one great example is us, the Academic Heads!


Bob Liu – Head of Economics

Bob is currently a sessional academic at USYD and brings a wealth of knowledge to the St Andrew’s team with three Masters degrees: Master of Economic Analysis (First Class) USYD, Master of Professional Accounting – CPA track USYD & Master of Economics (Specialisation in Financial Economics) Macquarie.

Tell us something about yourself

I am a cat lover, and love spending time with my feline companion and learning about various cat breeds and their unique traits. Moreover, I am a mixed martial arts enthusiast and have a keen interest in history and architecture, especially structures steeped in rich history. 

What has been a highlight of your role so far?

A highlight of my journey so far has been the incredibly supportive environment I have experienced at Drew’s. This support extends beyond the dedicated academic staff. It encompasses the efforts of the Education office, pastoral care leaders, marketing and communication office, and the management team. Under the leadership of the management, a strong sense of cohesion and unity is fostered, creating a harmonious environment that benefits not only students but also the entire staff. Additionally, the teaching experience has been fantastic, as the driven students actively engage in the learning process. Their enthusiasm for understanding economics concepts sparks intellectual discussions and brainstorming sessions on contemporary issues.

What are some of your recent professional achievements and goals?

Some of my recent professional achievements include seeing students achieve high distinctions in several units that I have taught. Additionally, I take pride in learning that some former students are now pursuing postgraduate studies at top-tier universities. I aim to continue contributing to the field of economics by engaging in research and sharing my knowledge through teaching. I also plan to further develop my technical skills in various software and programming languages to enhance my research capabilities. Moreover, I aspire to learn a foreign language such as Japanese, which would enable me to broaden my cultural understanding.


Caitlin Anderson – Head of Arts

Caitlin is currently in her second year of PhD research within the field of ecocriticism, with focus on analysing human relationships with nature in literary fiction. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Research and is also an active member of Sydney University’s Evangelical Union and the Sydney Environment Institute.

Tell us something about yourself​

I read, research, write, and run. I just signed up for a half-marathon which will be my first and could potentially be my last! Some of my favourite things include cold weather, mountains, rivers, earl grey tea, porridge, and The Lord of the Rings​ in novel or film form. I’m also a Christian, am deeply invested in the ontological questions of life, and am also invested in the critical dialogue between academia, culture, and the church about environmental care. As an English Literature researcher, I’m interested in how literary imaginings influence our personal and cultural conceptions of ourselves and how we relate to our world. ​

What do you wish students knew about you or your role?

I would hope the students are aware that my role is primarily to be a supporter and adviser to them during their time at Drew’s. An aspect of what led me to this role was that I care deeply about holistic education and am drawn to fostering in others a love of learning. I’ve traversed the university system and am still here, intending to stay for quite a while, which I hope will reveal to students that I love learning and that navigating university is a skill that can be developed with the help of mentors and advisors (like myself!). 

What are some of your recent professional achievements and goals?

I’m a second-year PhD student researching the representation of animals in contemporary climate change fiction and I’m in the midst of writing the second chapter of my thesis. 

I was accepted into and presented my research at two conferences in 2022 (the first was with Dalhousie University in Canada and the second was with the University of Salzburg in Austria). I was awarded two scholarships at the beginning of my candidature: the Dame Leonie Kramer Postgraduate Research Scholarship and RTP Scholarship.

I’m hoping to continue my PhD research, teaching at the University, and working at St Andrew’s for the next while. It’s a tough space to be in but I do hope to become a research academic further down the track. 


Dr Rachel Killean – Co-Head of Law

Rachel is a Senior Lecturer at Sydney Law School and a member of the Sydney Institute of Criminology, the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, and the Sydney Environment Institute. Prior to joining Sydney Law School, she was a Senior Lecturer at the Queen’s University Belfast School of Law. Rachels’ research centres on responses to violence, with a focus on transitional justice, victims’ rights, sexual and gender-based violence, and harms perpetrated against the natural world.

Tell us something about yourself

Before I moved here, I lived in Scotland, The Netherlands, Cambodia and Ireland. So far, Sydney is my favourite city. 

What do you wish students knew about you or your role?

That I absolutely love mentoring and I get a kick out of supporting young people (particularly young women) in achieving their goals. 

What has been a highlight so far?

I presented some of my research in Cambodia after one of Drew’s formal dinners a few months ago. The level of engagement and the quality of the questions from students were both really wonderful, as were the cheese and wine.

What are some of your recent professional achievements and goals?

I recently co-produced a curriculum on ‘human dignity’ for a university in Cambodia which I am really excited about, and received funding to investigate the role of translators in international criminal trials. In the next couple of years, I hope to publish a co-authored book on Transitional Justice and Environmental Harm, as well as an Encyclopaedia on Law and Peace and a book about the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.


Ryan Cheng – Head of Business

Ryan is currently a doctoral candidate in the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies at The USYD Business School with a specialisation in Organisational Behaviour. He has also completed a Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours) Organisational Behavior USYD and Bachelor of Arts, Chinese Studies and Theatre.

Tell us something about yourself

I grew up in Yangon, Myanmar and spend much of my childhood and schooling there. I’m ethnically Burmese and do speak fluent Burmese as a result. If you would like to learn the language or know more about it – don’t feel shy to reach out to me. 

I was a theatre and performance student, and management and leadership major, and have been heavily involved with theatre throughout my undergrad at the University of Sydney. Ironically, I’m pretty much an introvert and still have the occasional stage fright. 

What do you hope to achieve in your role?

I hope to inspire students to go the extra mile in whatever pursuits that they are after at the moment – doesn’t matter how hard it is you might end up being surprised. I know I did in getting up to this point in life. I would also love to be involved with how students start their career journey be it through mock interviews, resume workshops, networking evenings, or just starting out what industry they are interested in. I aim to work with others in the Education and the Student Life offices to ensure students, especially those in business, are well prepared for both academia and industry. 

What do you wish students knew about you or your role?

I’ve been part of college life since my undergraduate years – first at St John’s College for undergrad, then at the Graduate House – St Paul’s College, and now at St Andrew’s College. Think of me as a college senior when you need a question answered or just about anything that you have in mind. 

What are some of your recent professional achievements and goals?

I have recently started my PhD in Organisational Behaviour with the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies. Being the first in family to graduate high school let alone attend graduate school, I feel that it’s a significant personal achievement. I have also received First Class Honours and an Amy Louise Hart Scholarship for attaining the highest grade average at the Graduate House at St Paul’s College last year. 


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