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Meet our multitalented Student Staff members

Outside of the various sporting and creative activities offered at St Andrew’s, College also provides part-time working opportunities. These jobs offer shifts once or twice a week for some of our students and are usually relevant to their degrees and careers.

Meet a few of these students below:


Mikhaela Lirantiz – Advancement Assistant

Mikhaela (Fr 2021) is studying Medical Science at the University of Sydney and works in the Advancement office one day per week.

She is involved with helping to communicate with our alumni, and assisting with coordinating various events and creating social media content. When asked about her experience so far, Mikhaela said “My communication skills have improved as well as discipline and diligence with balancing work, my degree and sporting commitments.”

While working at Drew’s, Miki has also been involved in Rosebowl Soccer and Palladian Dance and was a mentor on Welcome Week. Her favourite part of Drew’s is its sense of community “which is why I also really enjoy being a part of the Advancement Team. Everyone supports each other, whether it be within your sporting and Palladian teams or even hearing shouts of encouragement from the stands.”


Hayden Nielsen – Marketing Assistant

Hayden (Fr 2022) is studying Screen Arts at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and is working in the Marketing and Communications office.

Hayden works with graphic design, photography and social media management to produce marketing materials for College. When asked about his role at Drew’s, Hayden said “This internship has allowed me to develop a skillset directly relating to my studies. I research, plan, communicate and create content that aims to be effective at both enticing residents of College and advertising St Andrew’s to external audiences.”

Outside of Drew’s, Hayden works as a freelance videographer, as well as at a prop store in Sydney. He says that Drew’s flexible schedule allows him to manage all of these roles efficiently. Since starting at St Andrew’s last year, he has also competed in Palladian Art, Rawson Football and social intercollegiate Rugby League, as well as being a part of other groups such as the Drama Society and Student Photography.


Gabriel Carmody – Wait Staff

Gabe (Fr 2022) is studying Medical Science & Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sydney and coordinates our Formal Dinners every week.

He is involved with organising rostering, payment registration and training our other student waiters, and enjoys the convenience of the role as well as its opportunity to work with peers at Drew’s. During this role, Gabriel has learnt the basics of hospitality work and service, as well as developing leadership and coordination experience.

Other than this job, he has been a part of the Drew’s Rawson Rowing team for the last two years and is the Rowing secretary for 2023. He is also a member of the Junior Common Room refurbishment team and works the bar at victory dinners. For people considering St Andrew’s next year, he says “Applying to Drew’s is never something you’ll regret so might as well give it a crack! Definitely get onto it early though to make the most of the scholarship opportunities available.”



Anna Offield – Archives Assistant

Meet Anna, a new student working at College this year. Anna (Fr 2023) is studying Engineering & Arts at the University of Sydney and works with the St Andrew’s Archive team.

Anna is involved in sorting, categorising and extracting documents and photos from the Drew’s Archive, which hosts records from over 150 years. She says “I really enjoy my work at Drew’s, as it allows me to gain insight into the history of the college and the achievements of alumni, particularly in intercollegiate sporting competitions.”

Outside of the archives, Anna works as a tutor part-time, teaching primary and high school students. She has attended a number of Drew’s events, such as the Voices of Change panel, and has also supported Drew’s numerous sport teams in their success in the intercollegiate competitions. Her favourite part of Drew’s is the culture, which she has found a great appreciation for since working in the archives. Anna values the benefits of College, which to her include making friends, but also the numerous networking events, the workshops and the tutors who are always happy to answer your questions.

Kayler-Lee Keeley – Marketing Assistant

Kayler-Lee (Fr 2022) is studying Communications in Digital and Social Media at the University of Technology Sydney, and works in the marketing department at St Andrew’s.

Kayler-Lee is learning about the digital space and communications of an organisation, which is where her passion lies. Marketing Assisting also aids her studies at university as it allows her to apply the skills she develops working at College to her degree and vice-versa. Kayler-Lee says “I am really enjoying it. I love that the work is never truly the same each day, and there is always something new to learn in everything that I am tasked with.”

Since moving from South Africa last year, Kayler-Lee has been part of the Drew’s Senior Common Room Refurbishment Group, has volunteered at Sydney University open days and participated in student interviews alongside working as a swim coach and social media management outside of College. She has found the camaraderie her favourite part since joining Drew’s, and values how the College provides support to the students regarding their studies and wellbeing. For people considering applying to St Andrew’s, Kayler-Lee says “Do it! Be true to yourself. Your uniqueness is what makes you stand out. College is looking for diverse students with all kinds of traits and hobbies. Drew’s is really the best place to live and be surrounded by friends who easily become family.”

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