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Meet our 2024 House Committee Team

Alongside our Executive Team, Ewan, Pheobe and Georgie, at the end of last year, St Andrew’s students elected 8 House Committee members that help oversee all aspects of college life. These 3rd-year students are all already acing their respective roles.

Charlie Scott – Rosebowl Secretary

Charlie is tasked with managing Drew’s Rosebowl title charge, helping organise teams and continuing to maintain the incredible numbers that support every team at each match throughout the year.

Charlie was born and grew up in Manly, NSW. Coming from Wenona High School, she is studying a Bachelor of Strategic Communications alongside a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS. Charlie has been involved in a variety of activities at college, including Roswbowl Netball, Athletics and Basketball as well as being a W-Week Mentor, Highland Ball Treasurer and a part of the Formal Recovery Committee.

Charlie is excited to continue the great work being done with the rest of the 2024 House Committee to make the year as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Bray Downing – Rawson Secretary

Aiming to continue our Rawson success following on from 2023, Bray is a sports enthusiast tasked with organising our regular games and is committed to creating an energetic and enthusiastic environment around Rawson sports.

Bray grew up in the Northern Beaches and went to St Ignatius’ College in Riverview. Currently, he is studying a Bachelor of Economics and since being at college has participated in Rawson Football and Basketball, as well as AFL and Rugby League in our social comps. When asked about what is the best thing at St Andrew’s, Bray said “The ability to make so many new friendships and meet so many different people from different backgrounds. Also, the fact that you are always with your friends and live with each other makes the time here much more enjoyable and fun.”

Bray has been a welcoming face to incoming members of the college and is excited about all the events Drew’s has packed into 2024.

Anna Hunt – Palladian Secretary

Leading our Palladian pursuit this year, Anna is dedicated to enhancing the vibrant cultural scene within our college. Collaborating with St Andrew’s talented musicians, theatre enthusiasts and artists, Anna is looking forward to creating a seamless bridge between the worlds of Rawson, Rosebowl and Palladian, ensuring that both aspects are equally revered and celebrated within the college community.

Anna grew up in Grenfell, in the central west of NSW. She travelled from the country to study a Bachelor of Nursing at The University of Sydney. During her time here, she has been involved in a range of activities, including multiple Rosebowl campaigns and on the Mother’s Day Committee.

Anna believes St Andrew’s has been instrumental in both her academic and athletic pursuits. She says ‘Drew’s tutoring programs have significantly aided my academic achievements, while the well-equipped facilities, including the gym and ovals, have supported my sporting goals. Furthermore, the diverse range of extracurricular activities has not only enabled me to meet new people but also helped me establish valuable networks and forge lifelong friendships.’

Clancy Aboud – Intercollegiate Representative

As the Intercollegiate Representative for 2024, Clancy is highly motivated for Drew’s to solidify its place in the intercol community, balancing its identity as a formidable presence in the sporting arena or Palladian stage, yet remaining a much-loved and respected college beyond that.

Clancy went to Oxley College and grew up in Burrawang in the Southern Highlands before college. Now, she is studying for a Bachelor of Communications in Journalism at UTS. She says she chose St Andrew’s as it is only one of two colleges that offer positions to students outside of USYD. Now that she is here, Clancy says “I threw myself in almost everything this place had to offer (with varying degrees of success). Some of my highlights would include the Women’s 7s rugby comp, B-Lane, my role as a Pastoral Care Leader in 2023 and my spot as Head Editor of Drew’s News which I am continuing in 2024.”

Clancy is excited to continue working away at the big plans the House Committee has developed and is dedicated to ensuring they achieve all their goals in serving the college.

Charlotte Damian & Morris Fredriksson- Social Secretaries

For 2024, two students have been selected to help organise the busy social calendar at Drew’s with a variety of events, both maintaining traditions from the past and instilling new ones, focusing on inclusion, safety and enjoyment.

Charlotte grew up in Sydney and went to Loreto Kirribilli School. Studying a bachelor of Commerce/Law at the University of Sydney, Charlotte has been a part of the Rosebowl Tennis team for the past two years, Treasurer of the College formal and a member of the Alumni Sub-Committe during her time at Drew’s.She says she chose St Andrew’s because of the college’s culture of excellence. Everyone at Drews strives to be their best which encourages Charlotte to do the same.

Morris also grew up in Sydney and went to Epping Boys High School. He studies a Bachelor of Economics and Law while balancing his many commitments to college. Last year Morris was involved in the college play – ‘Move over Mrs Markham’ – through Dramsoc, and as an avid angler, he is also an enthusiastic member of the Fishing Society. He attributes picking St Andrews to the wide array of special, talented people. “There are aspiring athletes, academics, musicians, entrepreneurs, activists, etc all around. Everyone has a goal, and it’s inspiring to be surrounded by that.” Morris hopes to maintain Drew’s busy social calendar this year by building off the work of previous years and enhancing the fun, all-inclusive events that we get so much joy and memories out of.

Archie Craig – Alumni Secretary

Archie grew up in Toowoomba, Queensland, and attended Toowoomba Grammar School. He now studies a Bachelor of Commerce / Advanced Studies – Majoring in Finance and Banking at the University of Sydney. Being an interstate student, he says he picked St Andrew’s due to its strong sense of community, culture of success and extensive co-curricular and academic offerings. With Drew’s now becoming his home away from home.

In the role of Alumni secretary, Archie is dedicated to connecting students and alumni of similar fields to provide students with exposure to a diverse range of industries and facilitate numerous opportunities for them to apply their skills in practical settings. In doing so, he aims to ensure that upon completing their degrees, every student is as job-ready as possible.

His advice to freshers is to make the most of it! College is a place where you have the opportunity of a fresh start, so embrace every opportunity thrown your way and be
open-minded to new experiences and new people.

Austin Wallace – Honorary Assistant Treasurer

Austin is a Sydney local, however, attended both the Australian International School Singapore (AIS) and King’s School in Parramatta. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) at the University of Sydney.

His role on the House Committee as Honorary Assistant Treasurer will involve behind-the-scenes work with staff and coordination between the operations team and students throughout the year. His favourite thing about St Andrew’s is the strong sense of community and support provided here. His other commitments within the college are being a Drew’s News Editor, a St Andrew’s Scholar, and being involved in Rawson swimming.