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Georgie Beer, Honorary Treasurer 2024

Georgie Beer

Meet Georgie Beer (Fresher 2022), our Honorary Treasurer for 2024. The treasurer’s role is to manage the financials of the Students’ Club, including completing a budget and an audit and collecting students’ contributions. We spoke to Georgie to find out more about her role and her time at St Andrew’s.

Georgie was born in Sydney and attended Kambala before coming to Drew’s. Currently, she is studying a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws at UTS. During her time here, Georgie has tried to get involved in a range of different activities including being a 2023 Pastoral Care leader, a continuing member of Sony Camp and has been a participant on various committees, including the Highland Ball and Victory Dinners as well as a member of the 2023 diving team.

The Students’ Club is made up of funds contributed by students themselves, so through managing these funds Georgie hopes that by the end of the year, every student feels that the benefits they have received outweigh the monetary contributions they have made. She aims to achieve this through having open communication and transparency with students about where the funds are being allocated and encouraging student input throughout this process. Georgie is also seeking high collaboration with sub-committees to ensure funds and budgets are done to improve all events run through the Students’ Club. Additionally, Georgie wants to work closely with her executive team and House Committee to ensure tasks are completed, and the College is running in a way that students are having an enjoyable time, embracing all opportunities presented to them.

Georgie says that St Andrew’s has allowed her to be surrounded by such highly-driven people, who have pushed her to strive high and give everything her best go, whether that is academically, culturally, or more community-based. Secondly, Georgie thinks Drew’s offers endless opportunities through academic tutorials and mentoring which has allowed her to excel at university.

When asked if she had any advice for students, Georgie said, “While College can be daunting at first, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, try new experiences, and access resources and programs that you wouldn’t have access to elsewhere. So, have a good crack at everything, step outside of your comfort zone, and don’t forget to reach out to the enormous amount of support Drew’s offers through students and staff if you ever need anything to ensure a smooth transition into college. But most importantly, have the best time, and remember to embrace the day-to-day college life!”.

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