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Phoebe Lotz, Honorary Secretary 2024

Phoebe Lotz, Honorary Secretary

Meet Phoebe Lotz (Fresher 2022) the elected Honorary Secretary of St Andrew’s College, as she shares insights into her college journey, her role, and offers valuable advice for incoming freshers.

Phoebe, a native of Gundagai, NSW, has spent most of her life in the picturesque town. She attended Ascham School in Sydney before embarking on her current academic journey, pursuing a Bachelor of Laws and International Studies at the University of Technology Sydney.

Looking ahead to 2024, Phoebe is brimming with excitement, anticipating the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas the incoming House Committee and Executive team will bring. Eager to witness their creativity unfold, she is particularly enthusiastic about the plans for Welcome Week 2024, a collaborative effort to ensure a safe, fun, and exciting experience for the incoming cohort.

As the Honorary Secretary, Phoebe is tasked with a multitude of responsibilities. From organising the 2024 calendar and room allocations to managing selection processes for sub-committees and Welcome Week leaders, her role is pivotal in shaping the college experience. Collaborating with the Senior Student and Honorary Treasurer, she oversees all affairs of the Students’ Club, ensuring smooth operations and fostering a vibrant college community.

Balancing academic commitments with her responsibilities requires meticulous organisation and Phoebe believes in the importance of planning her week ahead, allocating time for classes, meetings, and personal activities. Emphasising the significance of balance, she incorporates time for self-care, recognising the need to avoid burnout.

Reflecting on her time at St Andrew’s, Phoebe fondly recalls a memorable experience as part of the Drew’s dance team. The diverse group, led by passionate dance secretaries, defied expectations and secured second place in a competition. This taught her the importance of creating inclusive opportunities within the college, allowing everyone to contribute and excel in their own way.

Engaging in various extracurricular activities, Phoebe has been a part of the dance group, served as a hockey goalie, contributed to Drew’s News as a writer and editor, and taken on roles such as Oration secretary and mentor. Her involvement in the Junior Common Room refurbishment committee and the successful organisation of the 2023 Oktoberfest.

St Andrew’s College has played a crucial role in Phoebe’s journey toward achieving her goals. It has provided her with the platform to be a well-rounded individual, a leader, and to form strong friendships. Phoebe expresses gratitude for the college environment that allows her to explore diverse experiences, both academically and socially.

For Phoebe, the best thing about college life is the opportunity to live with best friends in an environment that fosters freedom and convenience. “The best thing is being able to do everything you want without being held back by cooking your own food, travelling long distances to uni, or feeling isolated. We are spoilt for choice here and I feel so lucky to be able to work, study, have fun, make friends and explore Sydney from such a convenient, energetic and welcoming College home”.

As a seasoned college resident, Phoebe has valuable advice for the incoming 2024 freshers: “Put yourself out there!” Encouraging new students to embrace the opportunity to connect with others, she highlights the richness of diverse stories and the potential for lifelong friendships waiting to be forged in the vibrant community of St Andrew’s College.

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