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Andrew’s Wins Palladian Drama – and the Cup!

October 25, 2013

Palladian Drama was one of the most exciting nights of the year for St Andrew’s College. Only 2 points ahead of the talents of Wesley College leading into the competition, Andrew’s prepared two very different pieces to put forward.

The first was a self-devised piece set at the funeral of the late Mr Polkinghorn-Jones. The characters consisted of a funeral director (played by Lukas Whiting) who was far too cheerful and inappropriate for his position and had an obsession with the Lion King; a secondary old, senile funeral director (played by Kirsty Holyman) who couldn’t give a damn about her job; the attention seeking Mrs Hartford Polkinghorn-Jones (played by Sarah Loewy) who only cared about her fortune; her gay brother Sebastian (played by Matt Larkin) who we later discover was having an affair with the deceased; and a passer-by named Bree (played by Millie Der Sarkissian) who didn’t know the deceased, rather only wanted the food. Similar to Death at a Funeral, these characters all created a hilarious piece of theatre which was simplistic yet striking.

The second piece was less naturalistic and very stylised, performed by Thorsden Hertog and myself. This piece, an appropriation of the monologue ‘The Restaurant Scene’ from Decadenceby Steven Berkoff, explores the ideas of wealth, excess and the pursuit of happiness – and a little bit of gluttony. Berkoff’s style of writing is very powerful, poetic and lyrical as he describes this decadent food that the filthy rich couple continue to order and eat for five minutes. Berkoff is very absurdist in style and our interpretation had very intricate choreography and characters, working well together to create a wonderful piece of theatre.

The announcement of the winners was intense for the whole of Drew’s as Wesley clawed back to be one point ahead after securing 3rd and 2nd Places. The room went wild when the Berkoff piece won 1st Place, described as “a clear winner” by the judges!

On behalf of all involved with Palladian Drama we would like to thank the Drew’s student body who were so supportive that night and truly gave the performers so much energy to achieve this historic win. We would also like to thank Fiona McQueen, who put so much effort into the funeral piece as well as artistic guidance for all performers.

Melissa McShane

Palladian Drama Secretary 2013

Palladian Cup

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