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Council Farewells Chairman & Councillors; Welcomes New Members

December 8, 2014

Saturday 6 December was an evening of celebration for the contributions of our outgoing Council Chairman Robert Harper (Fr 1979) and councillors Angus Taylor (Fr 1986), Rev. Mary Pearson and Nick Palethorpe (Fr 1963).

The Principal, Senior Tutor and other members of Council shared some memories of those who lived in College and gave an account of the numerous contributions that each Council member has made to the Andrew’s community.

The dinner was also a terrific opportunity to welcome our new Chairman of Council, Charlie Taylor (fr’82) along with Councillors Campbell Hanan (Fr 1989), Sasha Kovic (Fr 2005) and Rev. Conrad Nixon.

The College community thanks our outgoing Council members for their outstanding contributions and welcomes our new members.

The evening was highly enjoyed by all. Conversation and the sharing of stories continued well into the late hours of the night.

Photos courtesy of Jess Harper


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