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Rawson Rugby Kicks off With A Ruck and Roll

May 10, 2016

St Andrew’s Rawson Rugby teams first match against Wesley yesterday was a truly superb game ending in 66-0. Led by captain sophomore, George Lehman, all men played strongly and had the crowd constantly on their feet. There was an especially commendable performance by many Rawson Rugby debuts, ranging from freshers all the way through to heavies who got their first time on the field.

The Drew’s men meant business right from the first whistle. Charlie McKay, who had an overall ripper game, scored the first try and we can thank Hugh Taylor, Will O’Connell, Tom Molly, and Jack McCalman plus many more for the ones that followed. Keeping track of Drew’s success could be a bit trying! Other first-time Rawson rugby men who shined out included fresher prop, Harry Holmes, and second year, Ben Stacy, who successfully set up two tries and won a few lineouts. Perhaps a stand-out moment for all came in the second half when the forwards set up a tight head scrum and threw the ball up twenty meters, setting heavy Tom Sutcliffe up for his first try as a Rawson Rugby player.


As always, there was a strong viewing from the Drew’s spectators, whose constant support hugely contributes to the players spirit on the field. Needless to say, the team gave their all from start to finish, and we can only hope to improve on this 66-0 win in our next game against John’s on Tuesday.

– Hilary Shannon

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