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Rosebowl Soccer Women Undefeated!

September 1, 2017

The Rosebowl Soccer team dominated the campaign this year. Game 1 against St John’s was won 4-0, with Nickoletta and Clare (Wheeler) each scoring a goal and Alix scoring 2. St Andrew’s was strong in all areas, but a special mention goes to Clare Wheeler’s beautiful corner kicks from which Alix headed straight into the goal.

Game 2 was against Sancta and again the team was strong in all areas, leading to a 5-0 win, with Nickoletta, Alix and Georgia each scoring one goal and Clare Wheeler scoring 2.

In Game 3 the Drew’s girls dominated over Women’s, winning 6-0. Despite it being a tougher team, Alix secured 2 goals, and Georgia, Clare, Nickoletta and Alex Raine each scored one. A special mention goes to Airlie Blackman for her flawless defense and determination for the duration of the game.

The final game against a strong Wesley team was won 2-1. In blustery conditions, Drew’s was up against by far their strongest opponent, and despite having many scoring opportunities, the first goal came from a penalty at the end of the first half, secured perfectly by Nickoletta. Both teams had many scoring opportunities in the second half until, at the closure of the game, Wesley scored. Now at a draw, the game went into golden goal extra time. Only 2 minutes into the golden goal, Clare Wheeler took a free kick from the sideline which found the back of the net, winning Drew’s the game and the overall campaign.

All the girls are to be commended on their hard work and commitment, which earned a well deserved win. Other special mentions go to the reserves- Emma (Reid), Elle and Neive, who were always sources of motivation, and especially Emma who played in the place of Clare Hunt who was injured. The team was coached and guided by Isobel Cootes (fr 2014) and Clare Hunt – special mentions to them also.

Team members: Sarah Steele-Park, Jamie Barbour, Holly Gavin, Theodora Von Arnim, Emma Seton, Alex Raine, Alix Leighton, Victoria Lowe, Sarah Brown, Maddie McCathie, Olivia Van Veen, Nickoletta Flannery, Clare Wheeler, Clare Hunt, Georgia Boric, Airlie Blackman and reserves Elle Carol, Neive Roebuck and Emma Reid.

  • Emma Seton, Rosebowl Soccer
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