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St Andrew’s Claims Rosebowl Tennis Victory

September 9, 2014

Taking home the Rosebowl Tennis Cup is never an easy feat and this year was no exception. Buffeted by challenging weather conditions, changing venues, a new match format and tough competition, the 2014 St Andrew’s victory is nothing short of a testament to the spirit, talent and solidarity within our College.

Our women worked hard through round robins to earn their place within the team, selected for both their singles and doubles skills. The new format establishes a 7-match foundation of three doubles and four singles, with the first college to take 4 sets awarded victory.

Once selected, the team began a rigorous training schedule to ready themselves for the five-day Rosebowl campaign. Fortunate to have access to the Andrew’s courts, the team was able to work hard at improving their consistency and match play skills. A willingness to remain flexible in the face of wet weather, and to attend make up training sessions at late notice is highly commendable, and most certainly a major factor in their eventual success.

Undaunted by the move to the synthetic courts, or even the gale force winds, the St Andrew’s women proved themselves to truly be the better team. The greater role of doubles this year did, if nothing else, favour the Andrew’s side. The team bonded well amongst the different fresher years, which enabled them to play in many different doubles pairings. The closeness amongst all of the players gave a great strategic advantage through the flexibility of ranks and synchronisation on the court. It is no wonder that not a single doubles set was dropped.

The manner in which the tennis competition is run means that every rank and every set is pivotal in taking victory. Each St Andrew’s player should be proud of their contribution, both on and off the court, to the development of team spirit and talent. After this year’s competition, it leaves no doubt that the future of St Andrew’s tennis remains bright.

For now, congratulations to our women – Alice Scott, Chrissie Grun, Kirsty Assef, India Gordon, Lucy Cornwell, Tessa Cowley, Brooke Hamilton, Jennifer Kay; the Rosebowl Tennis champions for 2014.

India Gordon
Rosebowl Tennis

Photos below courtesy of Jessica Harper. For more photos, please visit our Rosebowl Tennis Facebook album.






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