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St Andrew’s Rawson Rugby Campaign 2018 Report

June 8, 2018

 Round One against St John’s College was the first fixture of the 2018 campaign and was played on the St Paul’s oval on a sunny Monday afternoon. After five weeks of preparation it was easy to see the St Andrew’s team was ready to put on a performance and solidify their place in the competition. This was started by none other than fresher, Hamish Sheehan, who decided to score the first 5 points of the campaign with a fast try down the right side. After the first score the Andrew’s men continued the assault and more points came as Ben Stacey, Ryan O’Beirne and Robin Allen put on a show. This, with help of others, brought the end score of the game to a satisfying 41-0.

 On a Tuesday afternoon round two was played against Wesley College on St John’s oval after firstly, being moved from Drew’s oval after a bout of bad weather. After the first game, the Andrew’s men had smoothed out any crinkles and now looked to shock the Wesley team with some new combinations, ending in Fresher, Angus Allen, scoring a double for which he states “… (it) was the best moment of the year.”

 The Wesley team attacked the line frequently throughout the game, with defensive efforts from Nick Findlay and Fergus Bragg shining through and keeping the opposition scoreless. Along the scorecards with Allen were Zac Whitehead, Matt Cheong, Robin Allen and Ben ‘Bün’ Adams, bringing the final score to 69-0.

 The Final against St Paul’s was played under lights at Sydney University’s second oval on a Wednesday night. The game started off wobbly as St Paul’s took first points early in the 1st half, and they continued to pile on the pressure with a strong-suited XV. St Andrew’s, being starved of the ball, were given the chance in the last 10 minutes of the 1st half, with a rolling maul on the Paul’s 5 metre line that resulted with a 5 pointer. Half time score drew in at 19-5.

 The 2nd half followed similar patterns with the Paulines refusing to give up the ball and Andrew’s continuing a brave defense. After some unconventional back-line plays, the Paulines were up 33-5 with 15 minutes to go. Once Andrew’s had regathered the ball, the team looked slick with Fergus Bragg crashing over with 10 minutes to go, closely followed by Ryan O’Beirne who pierced the line late in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time on the clock and the final score stood at 33-19 after the late resurgence from St Andrew’s.

 A big thank you must go out to all those who came to support the campaign in 2018, it does not go unnoticed by any of the players or coaches of the St Andrew’s Rugby team. Now we can look forward to the 2019 campaign, in which St Andrew’s will seek to reclaim the Rawson Rugby title.

  • Harry Todd (fr 2018).
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