First Nations Students Scholarships Application

In 2025, St Andrew’s College will have multiple scholarships available to support First Nations students who wish to study at university and live at St Andrew’s College.

The College awards around $2 million in scholarships annually, and around half of our students receive scholarship support. Due to high demand, we encourage all prospective students to submit an application as soon as possible, alongside their application for College. Further information on the different scholarships can be found on the College’s Scholarship page.

  1. The First Nations Scholarship is awarded to Australian First Nations students. Students will need to re-apply each year:
    • Who will reside at St Andrew’s College
    • Who will study at a tertiary level
    • Who would be unable to attend St Andrew’s College without the scholarship
  2. The scholarship for 2025 will be in the amount of up to $12,500 and paid as fee relief, half for each semester unless the student is fully ABSTUDY eligible. In that case all fees may be covered by ABSTUDY and we will offer you a smaller scholarship to support with additional costs involving College.
  3. Scholars are expected to maintain a full time load and a satisfactory academic progress.
  4. The scholarship is for First Nations Australians. Applicants are required to provide confirmation that they are of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. This can be in the form of a letter of identity from your local land council or other official Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation, or statutory declaration.

Download the Statutory Declaration form here.

Students seeking to enter St Andrew’s College for the first time must complete the Online Application Form before completing this form.