A bequest to St Andrew’s College is a lasting tribute that will allow us to plan for the future in confidence, maximising the benefits we can give our students. Anyone can make a bequest, no matter the amount and all gifts will have the College’s and its students’ recognition and lasting gratitude.

Every bequest will directly contribute to St Andrew’s and its students. You may choose to support a specific area such as:

Scholarship/Bursary Funds to enable more the opportunity to join our community

Capital Works Projects to enhance and expand student experience

or you can leave your gift to the area of greatest need. Do talk to us about where you would most like your bequest to go as we want you to be assured your gift will be used for your intended direction.

Janet Coutts left a significant bequest in her will for the College in the early 20th Century for scholarships and bursaries. Her and her brother-in-law were supporters of the University of Sydney and endowed awards for some of it’s College’s, including Andrew’s. Her generosity is still remembered today through the Janet Coutts Scholarships and a painting was commissioned by the College in her memory and is displayed in the Dining Hall.


John Hanks (Fr 1943) legacy has been remembered through the naming of the College’s most recent building on Carillon Avenue. The Hanks Building was so named in late 2013 in honour of his generosity to the College and our students.

The 1867 Circle was established (previously named the Dick Spann Circle) to honour all who have indicated a gift to the College in their will. It was renamed in 2018 in recognition of the vital role our benefactors have played in St Andrew’s emergence as a leading residential college at the University of Sydney since its foundation in 1867.

Members will be invited to an annual lunch dedicated to the Circle as well as other annual events. It is important to us to demonstrate the College’s appreciation for the role the 1867 Circle members play in the development and future of the students and the College.

Firstly, do contact us so we become aware of your consideration and help make the right decision for you.

We always recommend you seek qualified legal advice to assist you in preparing you will.

You can include the bequest when you write a will or add a clause (codicil) to your existing will.

We do not need a copy of your will, we simply record your details and that you have expressed your wishes in your will.

We encourage you to discuss your ideas and plans with us. If you are considering leaving a bequest in your will or have already done so, please contact Hannah Atwell, Director of Advancement on T: 02 9565 7303 or E: