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Together We Can Enable Access to Andrew’s

Thank you to all who have generously supported the College to date.
With your support our Annual Giving Appeal raised $113,000 in 2021 for Means-Tested Scholarships! When combined with other new gifts, we have raised over $1.2M in support of our students and  the College. 

With your generosity, we are one step closer to enabling more access to St Andrew’s by providing more scholarships and more spaces for living, socialising and studying.

To study at university is a big achievement for myself and for my family and being able to live at St Andrew’s College has been a massive privilege. St Andrew’s is now my second home/community, and I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have been presented with here. I have put the scholarship money towards buying a new computer for university and it has already been a massive help in this huge transition in my life. I am so very thankful for your support.

– Charlotte, Indigenous Scholarship Recipient

With 2020 & 2021 behind us, we are continuing to work hard to reduce the effects of the pandemic, drought and bushfires, and look towards securing the future for our students.

In 2022, more than half of our students will receive some level of scholarship support, which would not have been possible without your help. Unfortunately, the demand for support continues to exceed what is available each year and there are still not enough scholarship funds to help everyone.

Without means-tested scholarships, many talented and motivated students from a diverse array of backgrounds would simply not be able to afford to attend College and university in Sydney, and would never have access to the life-changing academic, sporting, cultural and social opportunities available here. This is why we are seeking your support to help us increase the scholarship funds available.

Means-Tested Scholarships

The College offers a range of means tested scholarships every year. These are awarded to students who lack the financial means to otherwise attend College. While there are a variety of these scholarships available, this year we ask for your support towards the scholarship funds that reflect the students most affected by financial barriers:

  • 20 Years of Undergraduate Women Scholarship Fund

This year we have also established a new 20 Years of Undergraduate Women Scholarship in recognition of the College’s anniversary of 20 Years of Undergraduate Women at College. This means-tested scholarship fund aims to ensure that young women who would otherwise miss out on coming to College due to financial barriers, will be able to continue to access the educational opportunities on offer and realise their potential.

Women face unique barriers to higher education and are more likely to earn less, experience a lack of representation and mentorship in their studies and workplaces, and live in poverty than men, so can benefit greatly from scholarships. We know that scholarships can be a lifeline for female students who live in low-income households and can provide the financial and emotional support necessary to help young women access education and reach their full potential.

  • Rural & Regional Scholarships

More than half of the current student body are from rural and regional Australia, which has been heavily affected by bushfires, drought, COVID-19 and most recently, extreme flooding. These students make up over 60% of the applications for financial support each year. Help us to continue to provide educational opportunities for regional and remote Australians, who, without scholarship support, would not have the financial means to leave home and attend College or university.

  • Indigenous Scholarships

University degrees open doors for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as it has been shown that a tertiary level qualification increases their chances of being employed by 50%, more than twice than that for non-indigenous students. Upon leaving university, they can go on to become leaders and mentors for their peers as well as role models for younger generations. Financial reasons are the most commonly reported barrier to studying for a qualification and increasing scholarship support is key to removing this.

  • Government School Scholarships

This scholarship is about ensuring equity and access to education and opportunity. Research shows that Government School students tend to come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and this has a direct negative impact on the rate of progression to tertiary studies. By removing the barriers created by social and economic disadvantage, we can provide these students with opportunities to extend their talents and pursue their aspirations beyond school in a safe and supportive environment.

We believe that no one can say it better than our students themselves, so please take a moment to watch our video to learn just how much of an impact these scholarships make.

Join us and support our students by making a gift to support one of the Means-Tested Scholarship Funds. 

  • Call us on +61 2 9565 7303 to have a chat and make a credit card donation
  • Download our GIVING FORM and send it along with your cheque or credit card details
  • By clicking the button below to take you to our online portal below

Every gift made, no matter how large or small, has a direct impact on our current and future students.

We also have a number of multiple year on year programs and scholarships that we welcome your support for (described below). Please note on the giving form if you would rather support one of the below options.

Capital Works – general fund for all facilities work and maintenance e.g. refurbishments, bedroom renovations.

Senior Student’s Fund – for the senior students to use where it is needed most: currently the refurbishment of the JCR.

General Fund – for use on needed projects, decided by the College Council and Senior Management Team.

Geoff White Scholarship – intended to create a fully endowed scholarship ($250,000) as financial relief to a medical student. Established to honour the legacy of alumnus Geoffrey White (Fr 1970), a world-renowned pioneer in the field of Vascular Surgery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about our Annual Giving Appeal or to support any other areas of the College:
Hannah Atwell, Director of Advancement: