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2024 Andrew’s Scholar Marcel Forrer

Meet 2024 Andrew’s Scholar Marcel Forrer.

Marcel (Fr 2024) is pursuing a double major in Ancient History and Chinese Studies at USYD, under the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars) track. Marcel has lived in England, the Falkland Islands, and recently moved to College from Newcastle. They chose St Andrew’s College based on the college’s commitment to diversity.

We caught up with Marcel to get to know more about them.

What are some of your hobbies, skills and achievements?

I love dance and theatre, and always have. I’m also a bit of a geek (think Doctor Who, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Legend of Zelda style). My goal is to speak 5 languages before I die, and you’ll often find me buried in books surrounding China and Chinese history. In the same vein, I love to cook and eat, especially Chinese and Korean food.

I like to think I’m a strong communicator with organisational skills, which have led me to academic and community success. As a result of my leadership in high school, where I helped my school raise $126,000 for the World’s Greatest Shave, I was awarded the Sharon Claydon Award for Community Spirit and Leadership. I was also lucky enough to receive the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Performing Arts Award’ as a result of my extensive love for theatre. The culmination of my HSC success was a place on the NSW all-rounders list, and being in the top 10% of students in the year.

What made you choose St Andrew’s College?

I chose Drew’s based on the college’s commitment to diversity. I read the 2022 Broderick report and saw that the college executives had a sincere desire to cultivate true diversity in the student body. The safety of all students, regardless of background, was highlighted to me and I believe Drew’s would advocate for me no matter what.

What does being a St Andrew’s Scholar mean to you?

It means being someone who helps others just as much as themselves. I feel I should always be seeking knowledge, empathy and ways to serve others. It’s a position to always be reflecting on, and I think that’s a positive thing for my personal development.

How has your experience of university been impacted by this scholarship?

Not only have I been able to focus more on my studies, I have been able to devote time to forming meaningful friendships at university. Forming bonds was definitely something I had worries about, so having the time to socialise and meet people who shared my passions has been an amazing result of this scholarship.

What activities have you been involved with since moving to College?

I’m a part of the Palladian Dance team, which is just the best part of my Tuesdays and Thursdays. I do Chinese and Korean with the language program. I’ve trialled to be part of the Hockey, Debate and Oration teams and have volunteered at the Newtown Mission. I’ve also been to Fortnightly Fortnight,  and completed the Leadership Essentials course. During Safe and Sexy Week, I was part of a ‘You Can’t Ask That’ Panel. I partied at Mardi Gras. This is all in 8 weeks, and there have been so many more opportunities!

What has made you feel at home, here at Drew’s?

The wonderful members of staff, especially those in the kitchen and housekeeping, have such bright personalities and senses of humour it’s tough not to get along with them! Because you see them so often, I really appreciate the ways they look out for me and make sure I’m having the best experience every day.

What has been your favourite memory at College so far?

Mardi Gras holds a special place in my heart. The atmosphere at college was really positive and everyone had such bright energy. Travelling to the parade with new friends, in a new city, and seeing the vibrant costumes, dances, and city lights was like a scene from a film. I felt such a strong sense of belonging and it was a great chance to connect with others and just be free and authentic for a night.

Do you have any advice for students considering applying to Drew’s next year?

Make sure you’re making the right choice for you. Be realistic. If you’re on the fence, don’t put too much weight on what others say.

Having said that, if you have concerns that Drew’s might not be the place for someone with your identity, personality, or unique skills, I would try to put those concerns aside. You’d be surprised at how many different people find themselves here!

Our Andrew’s Scholars are provided full fee relief for their time at College, for a maximum of three years. Read more about our other 2024 Andrew’s Scholars: Nathan Sewart and Atlanta Gervasoni