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Peter Wilkin (PG Fr 2012)

Peter Wilkin was an avid reader from an early age. Following high school, he followed his heart and enrolled in an Arts Degree at the University of Sydney, majoring in English Language and Literature. He went on to complete an honours year in 2007 and then a PhD. After eight and half years of studying, he took a year off to travel the world. He currently teaches, conducts research and has recently returned to College as a non-residential Teaching Fellow. In his spare time he’s a keen amateur musician, Zouk-Lambada dancer and has recently taken up surfing.

I chose Andrew’s because
A friend of mine who was at Andrew’s at the time put the idea into my head. Then I did some research and was impressed by the great atmosphere of the College. It wasn’t a difficult decision! Although I wasn’t at Drew’s for very long (I only entered College in the final year of my PhD) being part of the postgrad community is one of the happiest memories of my university experience.

My fondest memory of College is… Hosting a Eurovision party in my room; getting up late on Sunday morning and shambling into the dining hall for a bacon and egg breakfast; singing in the choir at ANZAC day service during one of the Rev’s formidable maritime-inspired services (that’s three but it’s hard to just have one!)

My proudest achievement is… Winning the prize for the best thesis in my honours year. It was a complete surprise but a great moment.

In the future I would like to
Teach and write about English literature at university, write a good horror-themed short story, learn how to surf well and travel to Greece and Brazil (in no particular order).

Being back at College as a non-residential Teaching Fellow is… A wonderful privilege! It is great to have the opportunity to be a part of College life again, helping students in their studies and being part of a vibrant Andrew’s postgrad community.