The College has learned of the following deaths in our community in the past year. Our sympathy is extended to the families of these alumni and members of our community:

1940 Dr Malcolm Chennell Smith
1944 Peter Gordon Grant Willis
1944 Em Prof Bruce Mansfield
1947 Hugh Edmund Carlyle Taylor, Chair of Council 1982-1985
1947 Lawrence Armstrong
1948 Bruce Edward Mackey
1951 Malcolm Walker
1952 Roderick Donald Macdonald, Senior Student 1957
1952 Dr Jeffrey Anthony Cameron
1954 Dr Montagu Beesley
1959 Nicholas Roderick Carson
1967 John Park
1967 Geoff McWilliam
1967 Dr David McLean
1984 David Sandilands Nicol
1997 Benjamin Bailey

If you know of any other deaths in our community, please let us know.
Contact: Hannah Atwell, Advancement Officer
T: (02) 9565 7302 E: