The College has learned of the following deaths in our community.
Our sympathy is extended to the families of these alumni and members of our community:


Mr David Christopher Finch (Fr 1977)

Miss Sienna Mae Weir (Fr 2018)

If you know of any other deaths in our community, please let us know:
T: (02) 9565 7302 E:

Mr Ian Rainy Lance Harper (FR 1950)

The Hon Brian John Keith Cohen QC (1945)

Dr Kenneth Stewart McWhirter (1950)

Mr Derek Cassidy QC (1950)

Mr Peter Charles Taylor (1955)

Dr Robert Fraser Brown (1956)

Richard Dunstan (1971)

Ross Williamson (1960)

Mr Todd Adrian Henry (Fr 1990)

Dr Kenneth Stewart McWhirter (Fr 1950)

Mr Richard John Dunstan (Fr 1971)

Mr John Colin Bennett (Fr 1963)

Mr Alan Robert Antill Swinton (Fr 1952)

Mr Ross James Logan Williamson (Fr 1960)

Mr William Murray Town (Fr 1964)

Mr Peter Charles Taylor (Fr 1955)

Mr Neil Mccheyne Anderson (Fr 1955)

Mr Derek Ian Cassidy QC (Fr 1950)

Mr Nicholas Anastas (Fr 1955)

Mr Edward Woody Hawthorne (Fr 2011)

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Mr Peter Scott Macphillamy (1944)

Reverend Richard Alan Engel (1947)

Dr Peter William Stewart (1947)

Dr Herbert John Solomon (1948)

Dr Dick (Richard) Tooth OAM RFD (1948)

Dr William Horton Manton (1950)

Mr Peter John Scales (1950)

Mr Ross Hood Adair (1955)

Mr Geoffrey David Karpin (1955)

Dr Kerry Anderson Rathie (1959)

Mr Mungo MacCallum (1959)

Mr Robert Thomas Dunn (1962)

Mr Malcolm Lyel Adams (1964)

Dr Owen Morgan (1965)

Mr Rod (Roderick) Russell Richardson (1967)

Mr John Richard Roy Simpson (1968)

Mr Peter Gilmore (1976)

Cdr Roger Shellard (1986)

Associate Professor Robert Ian Jack

Dr Norman Campbell Douglas (1945)

Mr Ronald Ian Keir (1945)

Rev Dr George John Stewart (1946)

Dr James Andrew Croft (1951)

Dr Frederick Charles Empson (1954)

Dr John Stuart Taylor (1955)

Mr Peter Angus Gough (1958)

Prof John (Jack) Douglas Pettigrew (1961)

Mr David Charles Jackson (1963)

Dr John Marshall Rourke (1968)

Mr John Inglis Taylor (1968)

Dr Hugh Royston Capper (1980)

Mr Peter Farr-Jones (1981)

Dr Alex Dunbar Kitkin Mayes (1921)

Dr Neville Maurice Newman (1941)

Senior Student 1945

Dr Kevin Hamilton White (1941)

Dr Keith Douglas Sharrock (1947)

Mr Jervis John Hayes (1947)

Mr Alexander Teys McKenzie (1947)

Mr Nigel James Bruce Neilson (1948)

Judge David Shillington (1948)

Prof Robert Alistair Holland (1949)

Rev William John McLeod (1951)

Dr Stephen Bochner (1952)

Dr Colin Selby-Brown (1954)

Honorary Treasurer 1958

Senior Student 1959

Mr Kenneth Gregory Horler QC (1956)

Mr Trevor Hamilton Dunn (1956)

Dr Alexander Stephenson Familton (1958)

Mr Charles Ross Bentley (1963)

Dr Brian William Barr (1968)

Mr Norman Bryan Anderson (1968)

Mr Peter Gibson Murdoch (1969)

Mr Dugald Scott Mitchell (1979)

Mr Nicholas Forbes Blair (1997)

Dr Malcolm Chennell Smith (1940)

Dr Gordon Clarence Stuckey (1943)

Dr Ian Oswald Andrea (1943)

Em Prof Bruce Edgar Mansfield (1944)

Honorary Treasurer 1946

Mr Kenneth John Armstrong (1944)

Dr G T Raft (1946)

Dr Ian Swales Edwards (1946)

Dr Hugh Edmund Carlyle Taylor (1947)

Chair of Council 1982-1985

Former Councillor 1976-1998

Foundation Board of Management 2009

Mr Lawrence Alfred Armstrong (1947)

Mr Geoffrey Neil Davidson (1951)

Dr Malcolm Trafford Walker (1951)

Rev Ronald Bevan Sparks (1951)

Dr Montagu Beesley (1954)

Honorary Fellow

John M McKerral (1955)

Mr Donald Keith Forrest (1958)

Mr John Christopher Park (1967)

Rev Dr James Rigney (1978)

Former Councillor 2010

Mr Benjamin William Bailey (1997)