Creative Arts Program

St Andrew’s College runs a comprehensive Creative Arts program, with opportunities in disciplines such as music, drama, visual art, creative writing, and dance. The program aims to provide both high-level mentorship and professional development opportunities for advanced artists, as well as broader opportunities for participation at all levels to increase personal development.

Music ensembles

The College supports a number of musical ensembles including a Choir, Jazz/Big Band, and a Chamber Ensemble, affectionately known as ‘Chemble’. These core ensembles are student-convened under the mentorship of our Head of Creative Arts, and open to all students. Each ensemble generally rehearses on a weekly basis during the semester and enjoys a range of performance opportunities. Various auxiliary ensembles run depending on student demand; these include string quartets and piano trios, jazz combos, rock bands, and acapella vocal groups. The Head of Creative Arts also organises opportunities for ensembles to receive professional mentorship from established musicians.

Palladian Cup

The Intercollegiate performing arts competition, the Palladian Cup, is a year-long campaign across multiple genres of the arts. Participation across the various categories is led by the Student’s Club and provides opportunities for students to be involved in a range of different activities including group dance, choir, musical ensembles, oration, debating, drama, and visual art.

Drama Society Play

The student-led Drama Society or ‘DramSoc’ produce a theatrical play each year. Running in the second semester, a play is chosen by a cast of student creatives, including director and producer, who audition their peers for acting roles. With support and mentorship by the College, an elaborate set is constructed in the College Dining Hall each year, and the production is performed to a capacity audience of members of the College community.

Performance & Exhibition Program

There are a range of performance and exhibition opportunities for students throughout the year. These include creative arts events specifically for students to showcase their work, such as concerts, ‘jam nights’, and creative shares. Further performances involving the various ensembles take place at key college events and dinners.

Artist in Residence & Art Studio

The College appoints one Artist in Residence each year. The Artist in Residence may work in any discipline within the Creative Arts and provides an opportunity for college residents to be mentored by, and to experience life alongside, a professional who is fully engaged in arts practice.

St Andrew’s also currently has a dedicated Art Space for visual artists to create in a spacious environment, with some art supplies supplemented by the College.

Mentoring & Training

The Creative Arts program offers a range of opportunities for students to be mentored by both the Head of Creative Arts, peers, Alumni, and professionals in the industry. This includes booking professionals in the creative arts industries to mentor and provide training to students across all disciplines. Some categories include music ensemble training, drama training, dance classes, visual arts classes, lighting and audio production training, and public speaking/debating training. Students are welcome to ask for any mentoring or training they would like to see provided.

Creative Arts Scholarships

A range of Creative Arts scholarships are available to new and returning residents each year. The scholarships are available by application, and awarded through an audition and interview process. Visual artists, composers, and creative writers may submit a portfolio. Scholars form the backbone of the College’s Creative Arts program, taking up leadership roles, bringing new ideas into the College, and engaging fully in the program in order to inspire and lead their peers.

Professor Ian Jack Prize for New Creative Work

Professor Ian Jack was an eminent scholar and the Senior Fellow of St Andrew’s College. He was in residence for more than 40 years, during which time he had an enormous impact on the cultural and intellectual life of the College.

The Professor Ian Jack Prize’s purpose is to foster the creation of original work, supporting and encouraging College artists from all disciplines. A total prize pool of $3,250 is available, with up to 5 awards being given across categories. The prize runs annually in the second semester.

The Professor Ian Jack Prize welcomes submissions by current St Andrew’s students from any creative artistic discipline, provided the work is their own original work.