Short Courses

St Andrew’s College offers distinctive, high-quality short courses in a range of subjects to support human capabilities and employability. Unique to St Andrew’s, these courses include Complex Problem Solving, Leadership, and more.

Advanced Leadership

Drawing on their own experience as leaders within College or planning to advance their leadership strategies and ambitions, students will co-design their own pathway through the course according to their needs and interests. Topics covered include strategies for leadership, leading effective teams, having difficult conversations, values and ethics in leadership, receiving feedback and active listening.

Complex Problem Solving

Complex problem solving has been described as the core skill for twenty-first century teams and is highly valued in the workplace. This course will introduce students to the concept of structured problem solving and demonstrate the application, across a range of practical case studies, of the Seven Steps framework: I. Define the Problem, II. Disaggregate, III. Prioritize, IV. Workplan, V. Analyze, VI. Synthesize, VII. Communicate.