Leadership Programs

There are two main leadership programs run at St Andrew’s College: the Student Leader Training Program and the Welcome Week Training Program.

All students who wish to become student leaders (House Committee Representatives, Pastoral Leaders or Welcome Week Mentors) must complete the Student Leader Training Program in order to become eligible for a position. Successful candidates, all of whom will then take part in Welcome Week, must also complete the Welcome Week Training Program.

These programs are designed to develop the leadership capabilities of students, and it is hoped that skills acquired will serve students well in both College and post-university life.

Student Leader Training Program

To complete this program, students must complete a range of modules, including:

  • Attending three Leadership Seminars (leadership activities run through the Drews Forum, an online talks platform)
  • Become involved in one or more sub-committees
  • Drug and alcohol training
  • Community service
  • Mental health first aid sessions
  • Roles and responsibilities seminars
  • Public speaking workshops

Welcome Week Training Program

This program is optimised to help students become supportive, thoughtful and helpful mentors to St Andrew’s College first-year students. Some of the modules of which this program is comprised include:

  • Physical first aid training
  • Mental health first aid training
  • Mentor training
  • ‘Lander Olympics’
  • Team bonding exercises
  • College policy training
  • Ally training