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An Impressive Start to Our Rosebowl Hockey Campaign

May 19, 2017

Round 1: Andrew’s v. Sancta

The Drew’s girls started their Rosebowl campaign with a game against Sancta and a 4-0 win, presenting themselves as a strong and cohesive team. Drew’s were strong in defence, clearing the ball into the midfield and defending Sancta’s overheads. The midfield and attacking lines worked together to move the ball into the attacking circle and score. The team played with a great sense of comradery and determination.

Round 2: Andrew’s v. Women’s

The hockey girls were ready for another big game on Wednesday against Women’s. They started off a bit slow with the ball being turned over quite often. The game picked up when Drew’s forced a short corner and scored. Women’s played aggressively requiring the Drew’s girls to stay composed and lift their own intensity. This was clear in the second half as the team pulled together and dominated the game scoring 4 goals in the next 25 minutes to secure a 5-0 win for Andrew’s. The girls hope to continue to play with the same drive, strength and teamwork next week.

  • Olivia van Veen

Image courtesy of SAC Instagram 

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