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Rawson & Rosebowl Report 2016

December 19, 2016

Rawson Report 2016

After a terrific year of competition, St Andrew’s College has yet again prevailed as the 2016 Rawson Cup Champions. The campaign was kicked off with our Cricketers, who came agonizingly close to defeating a very strong Pauline outfit. The team was led courageously by Nimalan Sundaram, but had to settle for an honorable second place.  Drew’s tasted their first victory of the year not too soon after however, with Gus Robinson and our Rower’s dominating the field to win the Rawson Rowing by several boat lengths.


This momentum was carried on into the Swimming, where Patrick Hoey and Tom McFayden led a terrific evening of races, seeing Drew’s earn another win and importantly edge ahead of Paul’s on the Rawson competition table.  Semester one was completed with a comprehensive Rawson Rugby clean sweep, with George Lehmann captaining the side to three big wins; most notably a 34-10 victory over the Pauline’s on our home turf.

Semester two beckoned to be a tight finish, and all four of our remaining teams acquitted themselves extremely well. Skipper Alex Forbes and our Rawson Footballers fought bravely against very strong Wesley and Pauline outfits, eventually settling for third. Whilst this was a disappointing result, our Basketballers ensured we would quickly return to the winner’s circle. The outstanding leadership of Yi Xuan Zhang as well as the impressive performances of ‘Heavies’ Will Clarke and Ben Killen earned Drew’s an impressive Rawson Basketball victory.

The efforts of our Basketballers inspired our Tennis side to t
hen push for an unlikely Rawson victory against a heavily favored Pauline opponent. The inspiring performances of James Green was a highlight of the campaign, however our Tennis side fell just short of a deserved winner in Paul’s.  With the Rawson Cup on the line, our Rawson Athletes finished the year off in emphatic style .The efforts of Matt Dowsett, Rohan Browning and Will McNamara were inspirational, and saw our Drew’s take out the Rawson Athletics yet again.

This capped off an incredible year of dedication and excellence on the Rawson Sporting field for the college, and thanks to the hard work of each Androvian who took the field as well as those who came along in support, St Andrew’s finished 2016 as Rawson Cup Champions. I would like to thank the entire college for their contribution to the campaign, and wish James and next year’s cohort the best of luck in bringing Sir Harry home in 2017.

  •  Jack McCalman

Rosebowl Report 2016

St. Andrew’s College had a fantastic year in Rosebowl Sport, dominating across the field. However, our success came with unwavering commitment, dedication and hardwork as our Drew’s athletes battled it out in some nail-biting finals. 2016 started off with an inspirational Netball campaign, led by Ella Brown, who fought diligently to bring home the trophy.

The Rowing and Hockey competitions proved no different. Both teams had some very invaluable players including Nicky Fenaughty, Alice Arnott and Dani Pettit, who were all leaders in their own right. Swimming was an extremely hotly contested competition but the girls came together as a collective and were able to secure the win.

Second semester kicked off with the soccer campaign, and after a hard long month of preparation whilst most were holidaying, Hilary Shannon led the team to another competitive victory.img_4383

Next, the Basketballers came upagainst some very formidable opposition, placing 2nd against the very well deserved Wesley College. The Hamilton sisters, Talor and Brooke, alongside Jennifer Kay, were pivotal players in the Tennis, winning the competition outright. At this stage of the year, the Rosebowl Cup was well and truly secured within the walls of St. Andrew’s College.

However, the Athletics girls were determined to go out and show the true St. Andrew’s spirit until the end, displaying amazing talent across the field but were unable to beat St. John’s College. Congratulations to our female athletes who have stepped up to the table and fought to retain the Rosebowl cup once again. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed and I would like to thank all our athletes, supporters and the sec’s of each sport for contributing to our success in 2016.

  • Rose Clarke
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