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Rosebowl Rowing – Taking Back the Trophy!

May 25, 2018

The Drew’s Rosebowl Rowing team had a stellar campaign in 2018.

Following an upsetting result of second place to Wesley in 2017, our rowers felt that there was lot for us to prove to the intercollegiate community this year. The rowing squad kicked off training in the very first week of Semester 1, with a record number of triallists and from day one these women meant business. We braved many 5:30am mornings on water at Lane Cove in the dark and cold for training. Not to mention the countless fitness sessions at SUSAC and ergo sessions. After six weeks it came time to pick the final crew to finish our campaign. It was made a tough decision as we had many talented rowers this year. The final two weeks of the crew’s campaign was spent getting race ready with speed work on water. Several tough sessions were completed to prepare the crew for the tough race we knew lay ahead.

Soon, race day was upon us (4 May) and our women were filled with anticipation when we arrived at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. A switched-on and solid pre-row saw us in good spirits leading into the race. The conditions were fine with a slight head wind, which would still prove for a quick race.

At 10am, we were lined up in the starting blocks sitting at attention eagerly waiting for the buzzer. We got off to a quick start but not without challenge. A canvas behind us was Women’s College, with another canvas back to Wesley College. By the 750m mark into the race Women’s College had dropped behind and it became a two horse race. With Wesley College’s bow seat sitting on our stroke seat they made an attempt to challenge us. The Andrew’s crew had a great response and by the 1000m mark it was well and truly our race, opening our lead up to clear water. Although Wesley College made several more gallant attempts to push up to us, we held them off, rowing long and strong all the way to the finish. We crossed the line in 1st place to claim the 2018 Rosebowl Rowing trophy, breaking the previous record by 7 seconds in a time of 7:10. We were joined water-side by a record crowd of dedicated Androvians to celebrate our fantastic win!

A huge thank you to all the dedicated supporters that trekked out to Penrith early in the morning to support us. It was a big morning but your cheers made a huge difference in the final stages of the race! Special mention must go to Grace Shipway and Izzy Payne for their passion and commitment during their three years in the Rosebowl Rowing crew.

Congratulations to our women with not only an impressive win, but in record time and  reclaiming the Rosebowl Rowing trophy. Their success is a testament to their commitment to each other and hard work during training. When it came down to it on race day their willingness to push themselves to the edge for St Andrew’s was unquestionable. I’m very proud of everyone for their dedication to our victorious campaign!

  • Lizzie Treloar (fr 2017) Rowing Sec and Captain 2018



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